January 8, 2021
Dear Sky Tavern Members,
Just a quick reminder about what Saturday, January 9th is. We need to get instructors up to speed before we can train kids snowsports. Saturday is the start of that for 2021.
9 am. Certified and returning instructors only at Sky Tavern. First will be some lecture time about 2021 policies followed by on the hill training. Bring your gear but please remember that with restrictions your car is your new lodge. Boot bags and all that stuff gets to stay in your car.
At 1 pm, we need all the new instructors to come on up to Sky Tavern. The CSIs and returning instructors will be working with you. You start teaching the lower levels and then move up as your knowledge increases and the kids get better. If you are even considering being an instructor please come up. You will be on the snow most likely riding Sky Ridge and the new Rocco carpet lift.
All of this is true for JR Instructors as well. SkyKid parent instructor classes will be just a little later.
This is what we do every year, just starting a little later. We need good, confident instructors teaching the kids when we do open. This is your time to become that superstar. Please come learn to instruct.
Sorry but this is a day for instructors, not kids. We are still in the "get-this going"mode. We are still finishing a lift and lodge modifications.
Fair warning. The amount of snow is not going to be good for new skis. There are very thin spots out there. Make it snow, please.
These guys are going to need you soon. Come learn to teach, PLEASE.
Give it a try!

Friday, January 8, 2021

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