January 12, 2018

Its been better and it has been worse

Still no skiing at Sky yet 


I heard this last night on the news. "So not bad weather for November". Looks like the calendar is a bit off this season.

The rain has finally stopped but not yet replaced by snow, adding in wind. The base area at the bottom of the hill looks a lot like Lombardi Field, a mixture of mud, grass and snow. No skiing yet. We are stuck in the no-go mode for now, pretty much just like every other Tahoe resort. Homewood has two runs open, Diamond Peak has eight. What happened to NOAA's claim this fall that the winter would be "intense"?Should of looked up the definition. Intense are the looks from kids.

Every TV weather person says a change is on its way the second half of the month. We wait, we let it get here, then push the snow into shape we can use for kids. Just sometimes the jet stream and our plans don't see eye to eye. We will get going. Tell that kid of yours with the new snowboard winter will happen. Always does.

Passes. Got to have 'em.

In the mean time still got some business to take care of. Passes to start with. According to the registration guru "Moms" you can get a hint if your pass is done by looking at your account. If the ACTIVE button is green and it has been more than 24 hours since you uploaded your pictures, then there is a good chance the passes are printed.



So if this trick works and you do not have your passes yet, the Moms will be at Bobos, Wednesday, the 17th from 4pm until closing at 7 to hand out passes. Stop by, buy some spare socks and let's get that in order.

Bobos Ski & Board

475 E. Moana Ln

Bus Parents!

The instructions for the bus program is coming to you early next week. Please read it because everything has changed on how it works. Bus rides are $12 a day but you will be able to send them up on both Saturday and Sunday, space available. It will take some effort but will be worth it all.




The job list is next. I was going to put it out there today, but I did say I would warn you it was coming. Putting it out way before we open is not always a great idea but I think we are close enough. It is an online sign up sheet with lots of explanations of what the positions are. It is how Sky Tavern works. Everyone pitching in. From instructing to parking, it all matters.

The jobs list will be emailed out Monday afternoon. Watch for it please!

As the 1000-year-old Knight said to Indiana Jones, "Choose Wisely". Nah, not that serious a business around here. Even work here is fun but all the adults do help.





Adaptive Open House

January 13th Sat 10 - 12

If you would like to be involved with the Sky Tavern adaptive program or know someone who would benefit from this, come on up to Sky Tavern and meet the gang that make magic happen. We will have snacks and drinks. Come see why an empty wheelchair next to the snow is one of the coolest things at Sky Tavern.



Back to the weather issues for just a minute. It has been way warm since Christmas, but before that, it was freezing. The big places are open, although at way under 50%, because of their snow making ability. They made a bunch early and it just might save their season. Snow making is not a magic wand, it costs a lot to run and a lot to build, but it would give us a fighting chance during these strange winters.

You are going to hear a lot about raising money and working towards this. Please bring some talent to the table when we get going on this, since it is one of those six zeros costing projects. It is not the machines that cost so much, but getting the water and power up the hill to them. Lots of pipe and pumps. It is real money and a real effort that hopefully gives a real solution for generations. We have to do it. Kids are worth it.

See you all soon,


Friday, January 12, 2018

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