January 30
6:20 AM
The road is dry all the way to Sky Tavern. NDOT did a great job. I saw stars. Come on up and let's get this started. Today is a day to get this organized since we didn't get orientation meetings in town. Find a job, teach a class, make a kid happy. Remember no buses this week.
Come in the Lodge through the tunnel doors that lead to the restrooms or on the deck. Out is the front door, please. Controlling the lodge will be the hardest part of the day.
January 29,, 2021
5:25 PM
So you think it is all figured out and then the real world comes to call. So it seems that if you are truthful and you admit you went to Hallelujah Junction to buy a Powerball ticket, or drive a truck for a living the app says stay home because you crossed state lines. Not sure this is fair, right, or correct. Twelve phone calls kind of point that out. Now thirteen. One more while I was writing this.
We have all been living with the new world. You know right and wrong. We are going to find holes in every system we produce this season. Let's roll with some things. If you or someone at home or you hang out with is sick, stay away. The tag line of don't be the reason we lose the season is true. We will work on the app we bought.
Thanks, tomorrow is going to be a little confusing but fun. Lifts and snow look great. There will be lots of traffic up the hill.
January 29, 2021
Saturday morning we will be opening. It will have to be a bit of a soft opening. We have a very limited bus service this year because of COVID and no buses this weekend at all. See more below. We have received feet and feet of snow and that has been a lot of work to get moved and still lots to do. The hill and the lifts will be ready, it is other things that are not like support members in place. I'm sure this is because we didn't do the in-town orientation meetings but this is a problem that needs to be fixed. We can't open with only four people signed up for the kitchen.
We need people to sign up for positions. If we don't have help, we can't open. If you still don't know what to do, be outside by the deck steps at 10.
For Saturday:
Push back opening the lifts until 9:30 as opposed to 9. This will give us some extra time to get here ( the road is still 4 wheel drive or chains and not much fun this morning but should be better.) There will be thousands trying to get to Mt.Rose in the morning. Traffic is going to be an issue. Plan accordingly.
Instructors are pretty much ready to go. If we have class organizers, classes happen. Look for the signs for where classes are starting. Levels 1-4 on the carpet lifts, 5+ on the chairs for skiing. Snowboards all go to the aspens grove to begin. If we can't get classes going, levels 1-3 on carpet lifts only, 4 and above can ride the chairlifts. Ski with a buddy. It is deep out there. At the very least CSIs will be watching the upper-level kids to see where they really fit in what class. I would like to see classes but I know the real world of pushing it.
Instructors. This is the link to your level of teaching. Ski Instructors. Click on it to see where you go to make kids happy. Questions? Email Dan.  Dan@butt-trusted.org
There will be some digging that needs to happen. The containers with rental gear are still under snow. If boots don't fit we need to get in there during the day.
Your car is your lodge. The lodge is at 25% occupancy which is 20 people in the front room where you get your badge if you need to pick it up.
Bus parents. Bring kids up, but pick them back up by 2. We will shut the lifts down earlier than normal.
Everyone watch the parking people. Come in the second entrance by the rental shop and follow instructions. We need to not stop the Mt. Rose highway so keep moving. Park tight and please keep your gear in the car. The lodge at 25% occupancy is a pain but better than not opening.
You all got an email from TrueCare 24. Part of our plan for this year is every family needs to download the app and punch in they are healthy. It is two minutes. Please do it before you head up each day. Don't forget masks on please.
When you show up it is going to look totally unorganized. Kids everywhere and parents with glazed-over eyes. This year is like every year but with a few more challenges. We get this done only because everyone working together and has a little understanding. Consider Saturday a dress rehearsal for 2021 but you get to ski. We will get the real deal going ASAP. No pressure day, come up.
It is supposed to be clear but snowing now at 2:30.
Watch for updates in the morning if anything changes and for what Sunday will bring. It should look a little more normal JR Ski. Sorry, I wrote this over a four hour period between dramas.
Be nice to the parking and front desk crew!

Saturday, January 30, 2021

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