January 30, 2021
5 PM
It worked. Thank you. It was to be a soft opening. I expected 300 people. Got a few more.
Let's do it again Sunday. GO, GO, GO SKI
Start 9 AM. Classes and everything
Now we know what to do with six feet of snow and getting our new lifts running, maybe America gets to turn Sunday.
A few holes to fill one need at a time
We need to be on time.
We need to volunteer so the kitchen does not have the same four working all day. Others came and went, they stayed.
We need to leave Fido home
We need to go in the in doors, out the out doors
We need to remember the lifts run on smiles and swearing at the lift operators makes the lift stop
We need to learn the Lady in Pink is the last word when it comes to parking
We need to use masks with no holes
We need to make a plan to meet back up with the kiddos after class so we have no lost Moms and Dads
We need to have leashes on that snowboard.
We need to check that badges are visible all the time
We need to ask those without badges if they belong here or are registered
‘We need to find a Certified Instructor in the afternoon if our child is getting frustrated at a level
We need to remember that instructor, parking person, lift worker, tune room tech or kitchen help is our neighbor, our co-worker, our checker at a frequented store, or just a fellow resident and they are here for kids.
We need to have a good time and work together to make Sky Tavern amazing
Now those holes are filled.
See you in the morning,

Saturday, January 30, 2021

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