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GO Saturday Feb 6, Sunday Feb 7

GO Saturday Feb 6, Sunday Feb 7

  • Friday, 5th February, 2021
  • 18:25pm
Go for Saturday and Sunday, February 6-7. Buses too if you bought a ticket. Going to be a nice weekend.
I wrote a whole regular email for this week and then got stuck on some tasks that ate up 300% more time than I had. Bottom line, Go. You don't need to read my babbling while you are stirring dinner and telling kids to find their own ski socks in the laundry. Been there, done that. We need to work on jobs is all I have to say. 500 support members, 200 positions filled. Math question, right? See Donna in the afternoon in the kitchen all alone to get the message.
We do need to find a few more lift operators. A paid position, usually bored teenagers that need gas money. Find me, the front desk, or Marty if interested.
Buses load at 7 if you got your ticket. If not, find a ride.
See you in the morning,
Do not forget to download the WorkSafe app and punch in you are well. The third question about if you have left the state is poorly written. Unless you are sick or been around someone that tested positive, the answer is no. Download to your phone and check-in please with the email address you used to register for Sky Tavern. The app will find you and put you in the right Sky Tavern group.
Park nice, no sneaking in the wrong driveway. Go to the second one by the rental shop.
She is watching!
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