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Feb 10th Update Schedule and More

Feb 10th Update Schedule and More

  • Wednesday, 10th February, 2021
  • 11:40am


February 10, 2021

We have pulled off two great weekends The growing pains of 2021 are there but the Program is going. Are there things that need to get fixed? Just like every year, but we are moving.

To start with, please look at the schedule

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, February 11-12th. Military to the Mountains will be at Sky Tavern. This is a program for those that served our country and gave. These are our disabled veterans and we teach them to get out on the slopes. We know what that does for kids, it does that for our servicemen and women. This is a joint effort by Sky Tavern, the City of Reno, and High Fives. We could use some volunteers to make sure this runs smoothly for them. If you have some time, some energy, and some commitment, please just show up Thursday morning. We are running the carpets and Sky Ridge for them Thursday and Friday. Saturday will be the regular program and they will be there.

Saturday and Sunday, February 13-14th. Regular Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program. We are learning how to run Webster and Rocco in the snow. It is like a new to you used car. A few tricks need to be found to make it go. It just might look a little more like winter this weekend. Bring coats. Watch the emails.

Monday, February 15th. Bring a Friend Day. We let you bring your neighbors and friends to come ski at Sky Tavern. This is your chance to show off what you a part of. No lessons, no buses, open skiing, and lots of fun. Yes, we still need to run the place so we need you pitching in. All those instructors can help BBQ. This year is going to be downplayed compared to the past. No big events, dinners, or fireworks. ( Lythia got engaged during the fireworks a few years ago so magic does happen this weekend on a usual year). We are basically out of rental gear so please visit Bobos with your guests first then bring them up to the front desk for tickets.

$25 guest ticket for adults, $15 for kids. Guest must have a member bring them up.

Parking will be tight. Drive your 1986 Toyota hatchback and crawl out the back. Again, the rental cupboard is pretty bare.

Jobs talk. We need afternoon help. This place doesn't run itself.

The Moms and Dads cleaning the lodge are in constant motion, the lifts in the morning are good. Parking is running. Class organizers and scanners are making kids happy.

So what isn’t working? Lifts in the afternoon. We need ticket checkers on the chairlifts. People, ok teenagers, come to Sky in the afternoon and just ski. They hike in, blend in and use up your snow. Find them.

Kitchen clean-up after lunch. Better, but Donna wants to go home after being there since 6 before midnight.

Lodge clean up. If a garbage can is full take the bag out and put a new one in, please. Garbage goes in the back of the white Ford truck with the lumber rack. Kids dump the truck later. I don’t know who vacuumed but thank you, thank you, thank you. Restrooms are pretty darn done every day. Go ahead and cut the lift line when skiing if this was you.

New job posting for volunteer members. We need a Competition Department. This has been coming. Competitions are a big deal at Sky Tavern. Our race team is built on merit, not money like everywhere else. If a kid wants to race, we will find a way. Next Sky is adding more slopestyle and moguls competitions. Maybe a jump line, maybe a Ski Cross course so Thomas Hayward can come coach. He was one of our kids that made the national team.

The first task of this new group. Get up and help the race coaches set up gate courses. Get the gates out, get the ribbon up. Get on the hill with Ski Patrol and get the hill ready for our young Mikaela Shiffrins and Bode Millers. In the afternoon help tear it down. Maybe run a racecourse for everyone else on the 4 hill later in the season. If interested contact Chris Bender, the head coach, Saturday or Sunday morning. You just might be helping Reno see another Gold Medal in the making. gets to Chris also. I have new coats for this group. Just walking around with COMPETITION SERVICES on your back makes you a cool member. We need four to six a day.

Come on and help. Sitting in those chairs all day is bad for your Karma and doesn't fit with what we do around here. Please pitch in. Every year in the season-ending survey someone says they would have helped if I had asked nicely. We do this for kids but it seems the same twenty parents are doing the majority of the afternoon work. I know everyone wants to ski with their kids, but so do these folks. If you really want a morning shift, shadow a class and become an instructor. Eric will be making a pitch each morning.

Lost and found is growing with skis. Mark your gear. Skis all look alike and are going home in the wrong SUV. We are basically out of stuff to replace missing gear so please take care of what you have. Anyone find some white/yellow skis Sunday in the parking lot? Asking for a friend.


Back to bolting a toilet to the floor,



Alicia takes good pictures. More will be shared.


Instructors Board can be found here each week. Ski Instructors.





Please download the app to your phone and sign in with the same email you sign in to Sky Tavern with. It will find you and add you to our database. Part of our plan for this year is every family needs to download the app and punch in they are healthy. It is two minutes. Please do it before you head up each day. Don't forget masks on please.



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