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Update Friday 19, Sky Tavern got a little snow but not open yet

Update Friday 19, Sky Tavern got a little snow but not open yet

  • Friday, 19th January, 2018
  • 16:36pm
The Job list.
This jobs list is for those registered as support members, the adults that are coming up to Sky Tavern and are not instructors.
Issues? Can't find what you did last year? Need hints?

Snow making update
 A Board of Directors member and I attended the National Ski Area Winter Conference this week in Utah. Utah has less snow than Tahoe by the way. I went begging and to learn. Pretty successful on both counts. 
We met with manufacturers, designers and industry icons who have been there, done that. We learned a great deal about the process and were warned about the costs. Not of just building a system, but of running it. Were also warned that even with a million dollar system in place we will still need help from Mother Nature for cold weather. The good news. We found some help in an industry that hates disappointing kids too. We are working for solutions and putting a national team together to get it built. 
As we get our ducks in a row, a repeated call for help and talent is going to go out to the members, most likely so often you are going to get very tired of hearing about it. This is the only way a project of this size is going to get done. 
First up is we need experts in water rights, electrical consumption and permitting. Up next is dirt moving professionals. There are questions that need to be answered. Volunteers?

Sky Tavern forcast
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