GO. What a difference 24 hours makes. No wind, high clouds, groomed slopes.Still going to be cold today. Maybe some snow later in the day. Be nice to your honey. Valentines Day.
Instructors Board can be found here. Ski Instructors
On Sunday at 3, Mike from Project Discovery, our neighbors, will open his ice pond at the end of the parking lot to teach kids hockey. He has skates and sticks. No charge, just fun. 3 PM start. He needs the ice to freeze up and get ready. Stay off the ice until then. He gets a little touchy about this. Go try it.
Monday, we are open for Bring a Friend Day. Show the place off to friends and family. No lessons, no buses, just fun is the plan.
Please download the WorkSafe app to your phone and sign in with the same email you sign in to Sky Tavern with. It will find you and add you to our database. Part of our plan for this year is every family needs to download the app and punch in they are healthy. It is two minutes the first time and 20 seconds the second. Please do it before you head up each day. Don't forget masks on please. distance. Lots of distance!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

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