February 15, 2021
6 am
Very windy. Lift hold likely. We will update the front page and announcements of skytavern.org throughout the day.
Monday, February 15th. Bring a Friend Day. We let you bring your neighbors and friends to come ski at Sky Tavern. This is your chance to show off what you a part of. No lessons, no buses, open skiing, and lots of fun. Yes, we still need to run the place so we need you pitching in. All those instructors can help BBQ. This year is going to be downplayed compared to the past. No big events, dinners, or fireworks. ( Lythia got engaged during the fireworks a few years ago so magic does happen this weekend on a usual year). We are basically out of rental gear so please visit Bobos with your guests first then bring them up to the front desk for tickets.
$25 guest ticket for adults, $15 for kids. Guest must have a member bring them up.
Parking will be tight. Drive your 1986 Toyota hatchback and crawl out the back. Again, the rental cupboard is pretty bare.
Please download the app to your phone and sign in with the same email you sign in to Sky Tavern with. It will find you and add you to our database. Part of our plan for this year is every family needs to download the app and punch in they are healthy. It is two minutes. Please do it before you head up each day. Don't forget masks on please.

Monday, February 15, 2021

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