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GO for Doral Wed

GO for Doral Wed

  • Tuesday, 23rd February, 2021
  • 17:14pm
Doral Academy Parents.
Time to get started.
Thank you for partnering with Sky Tavern to put on a Wednesday afternoon program starting on 24 February. We plan to start lessons at 1 pm for 90 minutes and close the lifts at 4 pm. 
You are key to making this program a success through your volunteer efforts. You will find a list of volunteer jobs that will hold your volunteer position for the season.  If you don't have a job, please check-in at the front desk to see if there is something needed. This is how Sky Tavern works. There is no uniformed staff. It is parents that make it happen. If you don't do "it". "it" doesn't get done. It has been that way for generations.
Our purpose for this program is for kids to find a new love of the wintery outdoors and being on the snow. Instructors guide kids in this goal. We will continue to ask for more instructors until the class size is one for two kids. If you ski or ride, please consider volunteering as an instructor. There will be an ongoing instructor training session.
Most of the program passes have been printed and turned over to the Doral office for distribution. Please be on the lookout for them in your child's take-home folder. The badges need to be worn while at Sky. It is one way we know that you are part of the program. Those not wearing a badge are asked to leave. If you don't have yours Lythia will set up in Ski Patrol.
Please take a look at the Sky Tavern website for our COVID protocol. Masks are required everywhere on the Sky property. Your car is your lodge for storing gear and the place to hang out. The main lodge is available for restroom use. Please note the signs for entry and exits. We will not have any prepackaged snacks available for the first weekend, due to the lodge being rented out to the Nevada Air Guard. We plan to open that up on the second week.
Gear Rentals- Sky Tavern is out of gear rental ability. You will need to rent from a place in town. We do use poles when teaching kids over the age of 6 and require helmets for ALL ON THE SNOW. There are no exceptions to this helmet rule. Sky Tavern is a teaching facility.
 The weather is forecasted for warm. Bring water. Some weeks will be different and the GO or NO/GO  is on the front page of the Sky Tavern website or app. Through the Sky Tavern app, you can see all the announcements, weather, and road reports. Stick it on your phone, please.
Although not everything applies to our Wednesday program please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.
You will receive an invite this weekend from TRUECARE24.
Please download the app to your phone and sign in with the same email you sign in to Sky Tavern with. It will find you and add you to our database. Part of our plan for this year is every family needs to download the app and punch in they are healthy. It is two minutes. Please do it before you head up each day. Don't forget masks on please.
You see a lot about Share Winter around Sky Tavern. Click the link here to get just a glimpse of who and what this group is and why we are a part of it, printed in this month's Ski Magazine. More later about us and them. Cool story.
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