2/26 Update Go Ski this weekend

2/26 Update Go Ski this weekend

  • Friday, 26th February, 2021
  • 10:07am
Sky Tavern update
Upfront, I don't see anything coming that would stop skiing this weekend. GO. Get up here.
Hollywood came to Sky yesterday. An entire day of waiting and shooting. Not supposed to tell what they did but when they say a movie has a budget of $100 million, little of it goes to the nonprofit location. Just another experience around here. They might be back in a few weeks. Something about snowboarding.
Greg, our ski instructor, was given 20 minutes to teach the "talent" how to ski from the top to the bottom of Sky Ridge. Doing their own stunts was not pretty but they made it. The film crew chose better and rode the lift. Getting the cameras on and off was nerve-wracking since they are worth more than my house. Strange day, nice people. Mack and Marty got huge thumbs up from them of course for the help. I am sure the rumor mill has started about this day. No Tom Cruise!
The cold is keeping the snow fairly well. We could be a lot worse off since storms seem to be missing this year. The high Saturday is in the '20s. Real coats this weekend, please. If kids have cotton gloves see the Moms at the front desk. We have real ones. Only a few sizes, but cool looking and the real deal from Hestra. Another help from the
Lost and found gear. I don't know what you are skiing on because there are twenty sets of skis in there. Strangely no snowboards. Oli's group wins. Lots of other stuff upstairs also. Black gloves by the pound and shoes. Shoes?
Some new terrain park features should be in place for the weekend. The snowboarding group has not only not lost their gear but bought new boxes and rails. I am sure donations would be appreciated for the effort. See Steve or Jay in the red coats.
Every week kids are getting better and that means more kids moving from Webster and Rocco to the chairlifts. We want them safe up there. Instructors, run the kids through the practice chair on Rocco. It helps. Everyone put the bar down.
Parents, please click Kids on Lifts.
Let's keep up the good work. We have a great season going. Come ski and ride this weekend.
This matters.
Please download the app to your phone. Sign in with the same email you registered with. Answer the questions. Please do it before you head up each day. Don't forget masks on.
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