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Update Jan 26, 2018 - Saturday All Instructors Clinic At Sky Tavern

Update Jan 26, 2018 - Saturday All Instructors Clinic At Sky Tavern

  • Friday, 26th January, 2018
  • 14:10pm

Saturday, January 27th, 9am start time

All Instructor Training.

For those signed up or want to be Instructors, Jr Instructors and CSI's.

Also CJ and Kris will be here to get SkyKid parents that are going to be an on-the-snow SkyKid instructor started. If you are not instructing on the snow but are a SkyKid parent helper in the lodge, then you get to go to the movies.

Please, no kids! This is to get adults and Jr Instructors up to speed and we are going to have to watch were we walk and ski because of low snow. The creeks are still open and running until more snow falls.  Sorry, but we don't want to hear splash and go looking for a youngster. If you can't make it because of kids at home alone, we will just have to figure that out as we go forward and we will. 

As of right now, this is only going to be on Saturday. Sunday instructors please try to get here. Bring your skis and boards and everyone drive in the second entrance by the rental shop to park. No buses to worry about because no kids. 

Figure on this lasting 3-4 hours. There will be some food here, maybe just BBQ burgers and stuff. We will see what we can do.

The next step all depends on SNOW!

Wednesday and Thursday it snowed. Not a lot.

Marty pushed the snow from the parking lot to the hill

Ben, Jim and Mike pushed it up the hill to try to make a ski area. Yes, that is a hand me down Snowcat that Mt.Rose sold to Homewood ten years ago, who donated it to us this summer. 

They did their best but there is still open water between the handle tow and the Rocco lift. Just not enough snow to work with yet.

What they did get us is Rocco, the 3 hill. Chief groomer guy Mike, says it has about one day's worth of snow on it and creeks next to it. Good enough to get instructors started. Please come learn to teach all these kids that are waiting!


Doing our best, but someone out there is not flushing ice cubes down the toilet.


 Warren Miller
October 15, 1924 - January 24, 2018

Anything I could write would not be large enough to do him justice. I will tell you that several of us went to hear him speak six or seven years ago and anything you hear about him is true. A great person that changed the way the world sees winter.

An Evening with Warren Miller

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