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Bus tickets Week 6

Bus tickets Week 6

  • Monday, 8th March, 2021
  • 19:03pm
Hey parents, the kids have been great at being on time this year. I will jinx it by saying that but just wanted to let you know. Thanks.
We might be getting a few more seats opening up. If your kid wants to come up two days there might be some space. Email Lythia at info on Wednesday.
We need snow and it just might be coming. If we could get rid of the wind things would be better.
Tickets must be purchased between Monday- Wednesday at 5 pm. If you miss the cut-off time the child will not be on the list and they can not get on the bus. We have to turn in the list so we can have drivers and buses. If Sky Tavern cancels due to weather, the tickets roll over to the next weekend.
To buy tickets go to The Winter-Shop Memberships at
Log in to your account you registered with. On the left side is a button
Click on that and the tickets are there. Please only go on the bus you registered for. Someone will be in the office Wednesday for help if need be.
Please download the app to your phone and sign in with the same email you sign in to Sky Tavern with. It will find you and add you to our database. Part of our plan for this year is every family needs to download the app and punch in they are healthy. It is two minutes. Please do it before you head up each day. Don't forget masks on please.
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