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Go ski this weekend, March 12 update

Go ski this weekend, March 12 update

  • Friday, 12th March, 2021
  • 17:39pm
Sky Tavern
March 12, 2021
I am going to screw it up by saying this but it looks like Saturday is going to be a nice day, not a day where your googles get blown from your helmet. Knock on wood, spin three times around, stay away from ladders, do whatever to have a nice weekend. 
Week 6, 7 whatever it is. Just come up and have fun. This is the week with a big push to get all kids riding the chairlift. With only a couple of more weeks of instruction happening, it is time to get to the top of the mountain. Two more weeks of lessons is the usual way the season goes, then serious skiing happens for a few more weekends. Remember to thank the instructors. Without them, you would be stuck in the lodge with me. 
Let’s talk about the rest of the year and end-of-season events. Plans right now include the volunteer BBQ, a US Ski & Snowboard moguls contest on the 6 Hill, and a day all about adaptive. If we have snow, we can add in a few other daily events. What have you in mind? 
Take a look at the calendar here. 
We are running out of lift operators again. Something about spring break happening. We can teach you to be the master of the carpet lift controls. It is easy, honest. Please help. For more info email or find me.
9:30 PM Thursday night. Dark and snowing. 
I guess at times I try to say something that matters. This week it was going to be all about snow since it was disappearing, but now falling. Saved by the storm. 
So while the snow is coming down, there are 8 or so Dads and one teenager up in the terrain park digging in new features. Why? It is simple, they own it. This group saw a need for kids in the program and decided to fix it. No bitching, no waiting, they took it on. They raised some money, added way too much of their own, bought new rails and boxes, and are now out in a blizzard building a terrain park to open on Saturday. Thank you. They get to cut the lunch line for working the magic once again. Play nice, but no such thing as other people's problems at Sky Tavern. Why we have survived when other kid ski area co-ops have closed and grown over.
Back to fun on Thursday night. We borrowed a construction light to see what it would do. Looked cool, didn’t light up as much area as I hoped but got some neighbor's attention. It proved we need lights though.
The Board has been working on funding those and snowmaking, a few million dollar project. The carpets were big improvements, this will be huge and getting closer. Lots of government involved because to store water we need to dig out the old lake between the parking lot and the highway. It has gotten complicated, with every agency wanting a part of this, but they are working through it. You might see something different around here next year. A way to go but that longest journey starts with a single step thing is so true. 
Come ski this weekend. It will be great. 
Don't forget to answer the invasive but necessary questions here & masks on.
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