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Week 7 Go so far

Week 7 Go so far

  • Friday, 19th March, 2021
  • 05:45am
March 18, 2021, Week 7
We still have a few more weeks of skiing is the plan, so more hats will appear for sure. We wouldn't be the same without Mike!
5 PM. It is starting to spit snow that we need oh so much. No rain. I hate being a farmer for kids but that is the task. Someone flush ice cubes. That makes it snow.
I am not going to say it is the last weekend of classes but the last weekend of regular classes. A lot of fun stuff starts next weekend. We will let Eric come up with games and stuff, open ski days, and some terrain park stuff. Even a free BBQ lunch will happen. Ski season is still here.
This is the week to pass! Find a red coat instructor. Get punched. Start next year in the next level up. Don't wait for your brother, go!
A story about my kids and this weekend a long time ago. Lythia is older than Harold by almost two years. She was 7 when we first came here. Harold has "Sky Tavern age" for registration. Harold passed to 4 Week 6. Lythia was still a 3P. He didn't want to go to class alone so he went back to 3P Week 7. Lythia got punched to 5 during class, Harold was stuck in 3P. Worked out in the end. Lythia runs this place and Harold gets paid to ski, not often, but real money when he does.
This is test weekend for PSIA/AASI members, the red coat instructors. They work for a few years for this weekend and it was taken away from them at this time last year. Our group will do great. We have a large group testing for Level1 and a few for Level 2 certification. This matters. They got this. Our instructors are the best in the business and they do it all for the smiles from the kids. They don't need fingers crossed but do it anyway, please.
Calendar to be found here
Sorry, but Bobos Demo Day got shelved for 2021. Next year.
Ryan Christofferson is a member of PSIA National Team Freestyle. He is a contributing author of the PSIA Freestyle Technical Manual. Ryan will be at Sky Tavern on Saturday, March 27 sharing his knowledge and demonstrated Freestyle tricks. Set your calendar for this one-day special event.
Kids, best practice in the terrain park and get ready. This guy taught me to ride a box not that long ago. Now I just say "you go first." This guy has got"it" and he is going to teach it to you.
Part 2 of the Share Winter and Sky Tavern story here.
They will have a Share Winter photographer here this weekend. Wear those cool colors and stand out. You might end up in Ski Magazine.
You know that silly game, Telephone, where the whispered messages get all messed up. Well, copying email forms over and over does that too. I have been forgetting about this link. Sorry, Dan!
Instructors Board can be found here. 
One more annoying notice from me. In the next few weeks, you will be getting a few surveys from us. Please answer and be honest. There are some lights in the Sky Tavern tunnel and not all are trains. Haha. We are looking for some answers.
I am sure I forgot something that the Moms wanted added for this week. We are getting the hang of all this right about when it all turns to mud, but not yet. Skiing will be good this weekend. To borrow a line from a past icon here, it will be "Over the top. Pow-Pow on the Mow-Mow. "
RIP, Chris Mountian. 1953-3/25/2013.Sky Tavern Board Member, SkyKids director, Snowboard Instructor. The personification of all of what makes Sky Tavern, Sky Tavern. He was a hoot.
See you early Saturday and Sunday.
Please do it!
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