Week 8. We made it

Week 8. We made it

  • Friday, 26th March, 2021
  • 18:39pm
March 26, 2021, Week 8
It is spring and the skiing is still very good. Too warm, at almost 50 degrees tomorrow, so get those turns in. We are still going to organize in classes but not entirely sure what is next. Week 8 is usually a little loose, freeskiing, level up if you grab an instructor and there will be "serious" games on Sunday. The rematch of Corbin vs. CJ in the downhill. I have money on CJ. Old age and treachery always overcome youth and skill.
Saturday 8:30. Instructors get to do this first. Everyone else to the terrain park at 10 AM
From Richard:
On Saturday we have a special event for skiers and snowboarders wanting to learn about Freestyle-Terrain Park. Ryan Christofferson is a member of the PSIA National Team-Freestyle will be at Sky Tavern. Starting at 10 am Ryan will discuss and demonstrate and explain how to perform the various tricks at our terrain park. We will also have instructors teaching the fundamentals of tricks and being safe in our park. Come join us only if you want to have fun at this inaugural event.
This from the Adaptive Department:
Discover the joy of skiing at “Ability Ski Day” at Sky Tavern sponsored by Renown, this Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Kids and adults with mental or physical challenges can learn about the opportunities Sky Tavern offers to help them enjoy this winter sport. Those who are able-bodied can experience the thrill of riding in an adaptive ski sled.
Adaptive trained instructors will review specialty equipment and technics to help those who want to experience skiing but think their abilities limit their opportunities.
On snow opportunities will be available from 10:00 to 1:00 on a limited basis.
The event is free and open to the public.  
By now you have seen that one of the coolest sights at Sky Tavern is an empty wheelchair slopeside. If you know someone that would benefit from this program please get them up here. Dave got the little guy that broke his leg earlier this season out in a sit-ski on Sunday. Huge smiles, huge.
Race Team Try-outs. 12 PM at the Race Shack, top of the racecourse.
It is that time to see if your kid wants to bang gates. Kids must be in upper levels of skiing, no wedge turns, and be pretty independent. Ski racing does a huge amount for kids. All four of mine did at least a year before branching off to other specialties, even that nice mom in the office. It changes kids and we are the best in the west.
Lost and Found
This happens every year. Lots of left stuff. They are going to lay it out upstairs. Come find that jacket or it ends up at the Ski Swap next fall.
PSIA and AASI Testing
Sky Tavern wins big! Everyone worked so hard all season towards this!
Sky Tavern family it is with great pleasure and honor I can announce the addition of nine new certified Lvl. 1 instructors and three Lvl. 2 Ski passed on to the teach portion of the exam,
Lvl. 1 
Amy Boyer- Steve Baker - Ying Ying Li
Rebecca Bailey - Torres- Louise Hees- Kate Dunkelberger - Christie *Wedge*Eason- Angelina Kardash- Nissa 
Lvl 2 
Anna C.- Rew G.- and Daniel C.
I would also like to thank the CI instructors who over the past two weeks took on larger class sizes to allow all the candidates to train to achieve their goal. Also, the grooming crew whom all season has laid down an awesome surface for all to enjoy and last but not least Mike and the lift crews who are always to put a smile on your face and a piece of candy in your pocket. 
Naturally Bill. Teri. Lythia and anybody else I may have forgotten. 
Thanks all and when you see these people on the hill congratulate them.
Frank Deras 
Sky Tavern 
Ski School Director
Please join me in congratulating the 6 AASI candidates that tested this weekend. They all passed above standard. Welcome new Certified Snowboard Instructors!
Brad Fergusen
Colby Clendenin
David Murdock
Deanna LeBlanc
Don Collier
Sean Whitney
Snowboard Director
And maybe just a bit of special congrats to Anna. She passed her level 2 Ski and got engaged to Ski Patrolman Corban. She just might be the smoothest skier ever thanks to Frank's teaching. And we all know she will be the Ski School Director here someday. Way to go kid.
One of the PSIA examiners was Glen Plake, maybe the most recognizable skier of all time. Find out about this Skiing Hall of Fame member here on youtube.
And there is more to the story of Darla asking for a selfie with him. Something about his truck being dead later. While four of us were fixing his truck Sunday night, he told us a few things about why he wanted to do the exam at Sky Tavern. His comments of how we do it and why, yea I will be working hard to keep this going. He totally gets what we are, no commercial real estate, no flashy restaurants. Just focusing on the kids, families, and the sport.
It was amazing to hear from someone that has been to every ski in the world, jumped off all the cliffs, and hung out with the kings and queens of the sport that this place may be the best ski hill around because of what you, the members, do.
Thanks for making me proud to be a small part of this.
Please do it!
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