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Last Chance to ski.Open Saturday, closed Easter Sunday

Last Chance to ski.Open Saturday, closed Easter Sunday

  • Thursday, 1st April, 2021
  • 16:11pm
April 1 and the 55 degrees is not a joke!
Opening Saturday, April 3rd. Closed Easter Sunday. A BBQ the following weekend then it is time to plant flowers. Home Depot has decreed Winter is over.
It is getting pretty thin out there. A few bare spots have shown up at the top of Sky Ridge and in the don't call it the chicken chute. The picture is of maybe 6 inches covering Rocco.
Mike, Jim and Corbin will patch things up to open on Saturday for a day of goof-off skiing. No lesson, just showing off what you can do now. Come on up, and we would like to see the families from the Doral Wednesday Program too. Sky Tavern is closed on Easter Sunday and there are no more buses.
This is most likely going to be the last ski day of the 2021 season since rain/snow/goo is in the forecast for much of next week. If it snows, it will be ugly stuff. Best come make turns. Your pass is good for one more day on the lifts. Use it!
Saturday, April 10th. Volunteer Member Appreciation BBQ
The competition for 4/10-11 has been canceled but the volunteer appreciation BBQ has not.
Saturday's BBQ is on Sky Tavern, as in a free lunch. It gives us a chance to thank each other for pulling off a season when frankly we never thought it would happen. The "Moms" make this a GO each year and never disappoint. I think this is the warm-up to the wedding season when they are the catering group. They need a headcount, so please click the link to RSVP. Please do it by next Wednesday with how many are coming.
The plan is to come up, goof-off, we might be able to build a tubing run if there is snow. We have done it in the past and sometimes it didn't go well but so much fun. There will be more about the plan when I see the weather a little closer. Sunday the Ski Patrol will be taking Sky Tavern down. Tower pads, rope lines, and a bunch of stuff we never even see get put away for the summer. I get depressed every year at this until December.
Sky Tavern Rental Gear
If you want to turn the skis and board back in to us please make certain your name gets on the return list. I will be doing the return process the week of the 26th-30th when I take the bus to different parts of town for pickups. I need a little time to get organized first. Stand by for more about that when we are closer.
A few that make this happen that never get the limelight.
We called last weekend Week 8 but it was really the 9th week of STJSP. Remember my so-called soft opening weekend when everyone showed up? Last weekend and that meant the running of the Big Cup Race. Just to reminded everyone that Olympic skiers are better than the rest of us, David Wise showed up and ended the Corbin/ CJ run on wins. He says he is coming back to defend his title in 2022.
Please do it one last time!
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