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What is Next @ Sky Tavern SkyKids and Rentals

What is Next @ Sky Tavern SkyKids and Rentals

  • Friday, 26th November, 2021
  • 11:49am
Thank you, everyone, that helped make Ski Swap a success. It was a huge amount of work that paid off both from the fundraising point of view and the 'get the band back together" aspect.
Once again the members of Sky Tavern did great stuff but when the biggest suggestion for the season is Bill in a dunk tank, you have to wonder! If it moves the needle, I'll do it.
SkyKids Orientation Meeting
Wednesday, Dec 1, 7 PM
California Building, Idlewild Park
75 Cowan dr.
SkyKids are the 4 and 5-year-old kids. It is a program inside of Jr Ski and done a little differently because they are the little guys and girls. This is for SkyKids parents to get up to speed on how it all works to get little kids skiing the entire mountain in a season or two.
December 8th 2nd Instructor Night
December 15th Support Member Orientation
By the time the 15th rolls around we hope to have snow and weekend orientations at Sky Tavern will be starting. Things change because of the weather around the middle of the month of December. Watch the calendar and the emails for the latest news.
An easy way to get a lot of information is to download the Sky Tavern app for your phone.
Ski and Snowboard season rentals from Sky Tavern. $50 for kids, $60 for adults. You start here. Yes, you can use them at other resorts. They are your skis and snowboards until next spring.
With Ski Swap finished and winter showing up, the Sky Tavern season rental program is up and running. It is gear to get you going in the sport that has been donated by other ski resorts. It is an inexpensive way to get started. All rentals are done at Sky Tavern by appointment. Instructions are emailed to you after you rent the gear here. We are still trying to keep some space between everyone so still using the appointment system. We will get everyone outfitted.
Sky Tavern has other great programs. Click to find out more.
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