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SkyKid Parents Orientation - Sky Bridge Program 6-7 year old

SkyKid Parents Orientation - Sky Bridge Program 6-7 year old

  • Tuesday, 30th November, 2021
  • 16:22pm
Sky Tavern 11/30/21
This is an update all about little guys and what Sky Tavern is doing for them. If you have a kid that is from 4 to 7 years old, and already signed up, please take a look. Everyone else please go flush ice cubes down the toilet to make it SNOW!
*Sky Tavern has lots of gear for little ones to rent for the season.
Start the process here
SkyKid's Parents Orientation is Wednesday, December 1 in the California Building, Idlewild Park, 7 PM. 75 Cowan dr.This will be your time to learn about teaching 4 & 5-year-old kids and snow.
SkyKids are the 4 & 5-year-old kids at Sky Tavern. It is a program inside a program with its own ways of teaching and doing things mostly because their helmets are as big as their bodies! It started as a babysitting group for parents that had older kids in the program but then a group of the certified instructors came up with ways to get the little guys in vests, on the hill, and really skiing and boarding.
It is such a successful program it sells out every year plus some. It has this year again. If you have a 4 or 5-year-old signed up in SkyKids, Wednesday night is all about you.
NEW Sky Bridge program for 6-7 year old 3P+ Skiers
Sky Tavern is piloting a new Sky Bridge program on the mountain this winter, specifically for 6-7-year-old skiers. The purpose of Sky Bridge will be to provide our SkyKids graduates with a Sky Tavern experience that includes smaller class sizes and fun, age-appropriate lessons on the snow. We also want to nurture your experience volunteering as ski instructors in SkyKids to ideally develop parents into becoming higher-level instructors.
This year is a pilot year, so we have narrowed registration to a group that fits the following profile:
Kids 6-7 years old during the 2022 season*
Skiers only, who have earned level 3P or higher at Sky Tavern in previous seasons
Parents that have experience volunteering with Sky Tavern and are willing to volunteer while their kids are on the hill**
*This program is not mandatory for 6-7 year old skiers, so please feel free to participate in the traditional ‘big program’ as best fits your family.
**This program does not require parents to be ski instructors, but it is encouraged to make sure we can keep class sizes small.
To sign up to participate in Sky Bridge, please fill out the google form below. Registration will be capped at 50 kids to start:
 To register for this program you will need to fill out the google form above and purchase your regular memberships on SkyTavern.Org for your child (select ‘Child of Member Ages 6+’ option) and for yourself (select either ‘Support Member Ages 18+’ or ‘Member Only Ages 18+).
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