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Winter is Here! Merry Christmas

Winter is Here! Merry Christmas

  • Wednesday, 22nd December, 2021
  • 08:37am
Sky Tavern
December 22, 2021
Winter is here!
Last night was the longest night of the year.
The Extremely Tentative Schedule.
Everything depends on the weather. Always check the emails, Facebook, and the Announcements page. Everything happens at Sky Tavern.
December 29-31
Special Teams Practices. Check with your Race or Freestyle coaches
January 2.
Certified Instructors Training. Just for AASI or PSIA Instructors.
January 8-9.
(There will be a lot more information about this weekend as we get closer. Not an all-day commitment. Things are done in blocks of time.)
All instructors training
All new SkyKids and SkyKid Parents
All kids that are level 1( Not been skiing or snowboarding before)
All new Support Members training.
January 15-16
Week 1 This is when all the fun starts!
All that red in the opening picture, that's snow heading our way. I tend to use and talk up the OPEN SNOW website because Bryan is a cool guy and the best at telling when the snow is on the way. He says now and not stopping for a while. Winter is here officially and literally.
Sky Tavern has more snow now than it had all of last year. We are good to go. Flushing ice cubes worked and it looks like it might keep working until the New Year. Someone pass the Advil.
Sky Tavern is full of California tourists this and the next week while we are doing gear rentals. They think sledding and leaving garbage is a good time. If you can come up and help with gear or help keep people from being stupid and make them donate, please do.
Carson helped, so I said I would make him famous. Actually, this shows the snow level. The carpet lifts are raised up three or so feet off the ground. Carson is riding in a trench.
Sky Tavern has new helmets for sale in the lodge for less than retail. Since we don't rent helmets any longer because they had all been dropped 1000 times you need to find your own. Everyone skiing and riding need one.
Gear Rentals
The good news. We still have 300 pairs of skis in the 135 to 150cm sizes (4'6"-5'5" or so.) and more than that for little SkyKids (80-90 cm) Boots too.
The bad news is some of the little kid's sizes and BIG adult sizes are getting thin. All of the size 4 ski boots are gone. Go look in your garage for anything that can be donated. Poles too, please!
If you have a reservation for gear, you get set up first, and then we will see where we are at. We will always try to get everyone outfitted.
The Snowmaking Project
This was the total of pledges and donations a few days ago. I opened the mail today, and have not done the math yet but the snowcat is climbing. You can donate right on the website to this game-changing project. Just click the snowcat. By next week, if the tourists go away, I will have a count for you! We are going to get this built!
Of the 2578 registrations Lythia has completed, 1324 of you punched the button that says "First Year". That is fantastic. You are about to share time and talent with some amazing returning members. You will do good for the kids.
So how come you picked this? How is it that snowsports became the focus? Why Ski? There is a story behind that line that I tried to answer a few years ago as my Christmas present to you. I even updated it for returning members. It is a little funny but true.
Merry Christmas,
Bill, Teri, and the entire gang
Why Ski
One morning, a few seasons ago, business forced me to turn the opposite direction from usual on the highway, downhill as opposed to up. I try very hard to avoid 580 ...
The Sky Tavern App
We are having some issues with Apple right now regarding our app. If you have it loaded it still works but Apple pulled it until we redo it again to their liking. It is in the Playstore for android. Stand by and we will figure out what the most cash-rich company in the world wants from us. LOL.
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