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Good to Go for Week 2. Share Winter Survey

Good to Go for Week 2. Share Winter Survey

  • Thursday, 20th January, 2022
  • 17:43pm
January 20, 2022
We are good to GO for Week 2
January 22, 23
Week 1 was Week 1. It was fairly smooth only interrupted by a few holes in the system. Thank you all for your help and patience. Week 2 is coming up and will be even better since there is nothing that cannot be fixed with your efforts and creativity. How it works around here. FYI, Saturday families can do Sunday and Sunday can do Saturday. Saturday is busier.
A few quick things
We stop using the electronic job sign-up sheet once we open. It takes Weeks 1 & 2 to start the settling process on jobs. We understand typically Week 1 the kids are sound asleep by noon in the backseat and you have to take care of that, but we still need to take care of this place. Following are a couple of places to help out. There will be boards for how to help and who to see on the deck.
Parking Lot. Alicia and the crew were definitely the department of the week opening weekend. They always need help. See the "Lady in Pink" in the lot or afterward around the lodge. They start at 7 AM. Starting the day off well seems to carry through the day. Parking pulled that off. Our thanks!
Lifts: We started great with help and then lost all by noon. We need to keep the lines moving all day. You get to talk to the kids at lifts.
Race Department: The Race Coach has asked for help setting up on the hill. You get the first load of the day on the lift to set the rope line and help with the gates. The earlier they get going, the more time spent on gates, resulting in the more medals the kids take home. We need a half-dozen parents to come to meet Chris and Wally in the back of the backroom at 8. You are going to be done fairly fast and can get a cool jacket if you want to be part of the Team. " COMPETITION SERVISES"
Clean up in the afternoon: There is no uniformed staff that drops in at night to get the lodge ready for the next group of kids. Please help. Two can do it in a few hours which means 20 can do it in a really short time. Vacuums are everywhere. The kitchen and lunch rooms need you, please.
Instructors: Still barking for instructors. I will wash the dishes to get more instructors!
See the boards on the deck for more places that need help.
We are still in the reality of transmission. So please mind the rules here. Do not "BE THE REASON WE LOSE THE SEASON"
Share Winter is one of Sky Tavern's largest donors and is asking for two minutes of your time.
Half of the cost of making Sky Tavern happen each season comes from you, the parents, when you sign up. The other half comes from fundraising efforts and amazing donors. Share Winter Foundation is a nationwide effort to bring kids to the snow. Sky Tavern is one of their original focuses and is asking for some info from you. It is 14 checkmark questions that help us and them. Please click & take the survey! It is 30 seconds per kid!
Scan or click the code for Dan's Instructor list
Click to help make snowmaking happen
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