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Go Week 3 Jan 29 & 30

Go Week 3 Jan 29 & 30

  • Friday, 28th January, 2022
  • 09:34am


Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program via 

Thu, Jan 27, 9:36 PM (11 hours ago)
to me
January 27, 2022
Week 3. Jan 29 & 30
We have some additions and the same sunny weather!
Just a reminder about wearing your masks inside and go ahead and call me on it too! We have a few of the key folks out right now. They are fine but will not be around this weekend. We are not finished yet it seems. Mind the table timers and put your gear on the backroom shelves or your car, please.
Still looking for that job?
We need Ambassadors. All you have to do is fix kid issues with a blue vest on. Answer questions, point to the front desk, walk kids to their class, stop some tears. You do not need to ski. Ask for Teri at the front desk. We really were missing these folks last Sunday very badly. There are many of you with no position. Please help. This job matters a lot for kids.
Introducing Women's Clinics at Sky Tavern!
Sky Tavern is proud to announce the formation of Women’s Ski and Board Clinics, managed by women and for women only. All-female members of Sky Tavern ages 16 and up are encouraged to join the fun. 
These women-only, afternoon clinics will be taught by female PSIA/AASI certified instructors for two hours. All levels of experience are welcome; first-time skiers and boarders to advanced levels, ages 16 and older. The clinics will develop technical skills to help you feel confident on steeper and more challenging terrain and encourage you to keep engaged in Snowsports for your lifetime. Clinics will meet at the Aspens at Sky Tavern at 1:00 pm. Participants will self-determine their level and then break into level-appropriate groups. Please join us even if you are just looking to meet other snowsport enthusiasts. 
Registration is highly encouraged but not mandatory. To get the most out of your clinic, and for your enjoyment please plan for childcare. These clinics are designed for all female members ages 16 and up only. Please register by clicking on this link here.
Women’s Clinics dates:
Saturday, January 29 at 1:00 pm
Sunday, January 30 at 1:00 pm
(Meet at the Aspens, look for our sign)
You are made for the mountains. Come join us!
For information please contact:
AnnaSheila Paul -
Deanna LeBlanc -
Mary Ann Ransler -
I am keeping this short. Thursday was a bit of an a$&-kicker for us physically and it is now 9:30 PM. You will see why Saturday morning. It is cool and the first kid that hits it with a ski pole gets coal in their stocking, forever. I have connections.
Rocco may still be dead. We are waiting for parts stuck in a real-world supply chain. We are trying but the cupboard is bare here locally. UPS may save us and we are waiting like my dog for strangers. We thought it showed up today and ripped open the box before looking at the address. No electronics, just makeup. I have some explaining to do to one of the neighbors.
It is going to be another nice weekend, too nice. Time for some touch-up snow, please. Ice cubes in the toilet, PJs backward. You know the drill. Get to it.
Thanks for taking the survey. It is all submitted, now we wait.
You guys are rocking it this season.
Ski Instructors scan below to find assignments from Dan. It is also on the wall in the back room.
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