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Week 6 Update A Little Early - Bring A Friend Monday

Week 6 Update A Little Early - Bring A Friend Monday

  • Tuesday, 15th February, 2022
  • 14:59pm
February 15, 2022
It snowed!
Not a bunch, 6 -8 inches, but we will take it!
Looks good for the Weekend.
8 AM, Tuesday Morning.
I had to plow the upper lot for the carpet cleaning crew. Everyone take off their boots in the lodge now, please. LOL.
Sending this out early because this is a huge event week. Please read and RSVP for a free dinner Sunday night if you are coming. The Moms really need to know how much cooking to do! Plus David Wise will hit 30 feet inverted with your cheering.
Presidents Weekend. February 19-21
This is the biggest weekend in skiing nationwide. It usually provides great snow and times. Sky Tavern is no different. Saturday and Sunday will be Week 6. Normal days.
Sunday night starts party time! Sky Tavern department heads, with some help, put on dinner for the volunteers that make Sky Tavern happen as a thank you. Donna, Teri, Lythia, and Adriaan cook up a truckload of tri-tip, chicken, potatoes, and salads for the members that make this go. I cannot boil water. RSVP for you and your family is required, please. (They have already put in a whole weekend and really do need a headcount a few days in advance. It is hard to throw a party without a guest list).
You guys get to bring the appetizers and desserts please to share. BYOB and you didn't hear it from me. It's all free.
Sunday at dark. Let's do a parade in the snow with torches. It is a blast to be part of and to watch. We are going to add a kid's parade with glow sticks. Ex-Race Team Mom, Karalyn says she will bring her ballon for tethered rides. It's a real ballon, and I am against flying in anything without an engine. She says I am a wimp! You go first.
Any other ideas for fun? Bring them on. Does Eric say the instructors are doing a dance contest?
Monday the 21st.
Bring a Friend Day. Silly name, good idea. Lifts turn 9-4.
By now you have said something to friends and family about how much fun this place is. This is your time to share it. Monday is an open ski day. No lessons, just show off time. Bring your friends, family to see and ski Sky Tavern. $50 tickets are cheaper than anywhere in the world for a day. F & F need to bring their own gear. Bobos and Curtis across the parking lot have daily rentals if need be.
We still need help running the place and everyone might be moving slow from Sunday night.
The parade from years past and Karalyn's ballon
Get your tickets to the watch party here by clicking the flyer.
How often does a SkyKid go for his third Gold Medal? Come shout for him!
Friday Watch Party FUNDRAISER
Scan or click for Dan's instructor list.
1 o'clock Instructor Clinics each day.
Make sure you stay ahead of the kids!!!
On Monday the wind came up pretty big. The igloo, bubble building is pretty much an unknown in weather so I watched. 40 mph gusts made me nervous but it was still fine. I caved. Time to take it down.
Two hours earlier Bob Kelley helped me move the tables out of the bubble and we stacked them right in the way. Great, two old guys. He went home. I'm all by myself. Now the tables are really heavy.
Along strides, some mid 30 guy, man bun, big beard, backcountry gear, California plates, trolling-for-coyote-sized dog, five feet from me. The old ski area manager, me, is dragging metal tables one by one. Hipster trucked right on by, never offered a hand, just grunted. Then he went and poached your snow.
At 7 Am this morning I was on some national morning TV show. Kinda a bust but the host did ask me what do kids learn here other than skiing? Confidence for sure. But I really hope what sticks is that helping your neighbor is the right thing to do. It comes back 10 fold. Community building something for themselves is good. Sky Tavern is a barn raising. It works. Thanks for doing it. Now come up Sunday for dinner! All we got for a thank you. RSVP before Teri and Lythia freak.
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