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Thank You for some week

Thank You for some week

  • Tuesday, 22nd February, 2022
  • 21:15pm
February 23, 2022
Thank You. That is all I can say.
The last week has been possibly the most intense, work your butt off, forget sitting down and much less sleep, live on coffee and donuts time Sky Tavern has seen for many years. There was not a single group that didn’t go above and beyond to pull a rabbit out of the hat, and then a player piano. This was that big.
Monday the SkyKids Igloo tried to blow away, so we took it down. That was the opening bell for the week. Snow, extra grooming, running for four straight days, interviews on national stages, and creating two huge parties. I am very sure no one did laundry until Tuesday after the kids went to bed.
The “Moms” of Sky Tavern, plus a few Dads, pulled off the parties. You know who you are, and there are a bunch of new ones this year. You had the vision of an event for all of Reno to celebrate our own champion, David Wise, and worked tirelessly to pull it off with no lead time. There were some frustrating moments in the days before, but you powered through them. You did everything from selling shirts, books, and tickets to dealing with the maybe too-many-free-drink- coupon guests. You didn't even lose your cool when the TVs were on the wrong channel and we were all watching ice skating. You backed Friday up with the Sunday night appreciation dinner for 400. Great food, parades, playing with a ballon flame, and lots of free gear were accomplished. That evening made hundreds feel special that they were part of something unique and selfless, Sky Tavern. Fantastic is not a good enough description.
In the end, this past week, we saved the Igloo, skied on new snow, told the Sky Tavern story nationally, taught more kids, raised much more than a few dollars, were reunited with old friends, lit up faces in awe with fire, and showed off our hill to many new Reno families. Sky Tavern is all about its people and them doing amazing things for this community and each other. You did this and more! Well done!
I am so proud to get to tell the world.
Thank you again,
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