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Week 7

Week 7

  • Thursday, 24th February, 2022
  • 12:37pm
February 24, 2022
The Olympics closed but your child could be Sky Tavern's next Olympic Champion.
Time for Week 7 and the sun is back after more new snow!
Thank you again for all everyone did to pull off last week. It was a bunch of work that made for a bunch of fun. Maybe we can try again for the balloon at a time with less wind. Did you see the kids when William pulled the blast handle?
Week 7 now? I don't know what you guys did to get this weather. We got close to a foot of snow and are now back to sunshine but cold, at least for today. It took only three hours to dig out the igloo dome yesterday and get it back up. Thanks go to some members that happened by at the wrong time and got put to work! How we get it done around here.
Let's keep making great memories for the kids.
More events coming up.
Tomorrow, Friday the 25th. We really have no big groups coming up but Sky Ridge will be open 9- to at least 2 if you want to get some extra time in. We already did the hard work on setting up so maybe I can even ski.
Wednesday, March 2 is Monopalooza. This is a day of Monoskiing, those guys on one ski with their feet glued together. There are monoskiers coming from very far for this, like Europe. They will be here at Tahoe for most of the week but starting at Sky Tavern for one day. All are invited even if you use two skis or a board. Tickets are required and are $100 which includes a continental breakfast and a BBQ lunch.(Demos are available this weekend to practice on.) This is going to be a party.
Friday, March 4th is a day of telemarking clinics. Our SkyBridge Dad, Eaton set this up through PSIA.
The 5/6 of March is Week 8 but I do not see that as the end. It looks like there is still a lot of skiing left if the snow stays. We have AASI/PSIA testing the last weekend of March so we should find some other fun out on the snow while we can. Ideas? We will be asking around how long do you want to go and do what this weekend.
Women's Clinics are back with some surprises including an answer to "What about my kids?" These have been very popular! Go do it Mom!
Back by popular demand, Sky Tavern is offering women’s clinics Saturday and Sunday this weekend. The clinics are free of charge to the women of Sky Tavern, run by a few of our finest women certified instructors. We start at 1pm meeting by the aspens and will finish up by 3pm. There will be a large pink flag so you can’t miss it!  Click here for more and to register.
Scott Jones dropping on one ski, yes on purpose. He is the local organizer for Monopalooza.
He gave me a monoski a few years ago. I have actually made it down the 4 hill concentrating more than I did in an Olympic mogul course. So if you want to come borrow it, fine. It looks so easy! Just a parallel turn, right?
Ballon Basket Candles and Torchlight Parades. There is more to Sky Tavern than just great lessons.
Scan or click for Dan's instructor list.
1 o'clock Instructor Clinics each day.
Make sure you stay ahead of the kids!!!
We are not done yet.
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