It is a full-blown blizzard at Sky Tavern at 11am on Thursday. The only thing flickering more than the power is the internet, so this will have to be fast and sloppy. Phones are dead. I packed a bag to stay a few days. I remember this weather from last year. Marty is out plowing the entrance roads again, this morning.

The weather guru, Bryan Allegretto at, is saying 2-5 feet above 7000 feet Thursday through Saturday. In a few hours we got half of that 2 feet and it is coming down. The two younger guys that work at Sky and me, the dragging my butt old guy, have spent the last three days getting ready. Hours in the snowcats, moving tables, doing all that stuff we did every week last season but forgot how this. Snow is piling up on the Bobos' truck we borrowed for the Disabled Veterans Ski Camp.

Are we going to open? Yes. When? Soon. Best guess is that Saturday there will be a Mt. Rose highway that is a mess and we will still need snowcats pushing snow into the shape of a ski area. Wind is predicted to still be blowing. It could be that Saturday will be one of those days we usually do at the beginning of January, work, set up everything from tower pads to rope lines. Hopefully need to dig. Move things to the top of the mountain, find the terrain park features, load up a kitchen. There is a lot that must happen to open, and it has to happen after it snows. Stand by and wait for a call for help. Fair warning.

 (After a storm like this, something may be broken that is vital.Last season we had lots of power source to Sky Tavern problems. Just a heads up. We don't have that big staff to fix or check everything. We have you.)

Sunday, best guess is something will happen, but no clue what. It will not be the regular program, but maybe do what we do in January. Get parents trained and up to speed, something. I need to see kids, but the directors of the ski school and snowboard side are worried about instructors. We will have snow. Time to light up this co-op and get it in shape. Please watch emails. Hopefully internet remains working. It didn't and this is a second try. It stopped just as I wrote "working".


Since we are going to open soon I got asked to include these links. Please sign up for a position if you are not an instructor.

If you are an adult at Sky Tavern you will have a job, position, task, every day you are there. No other people's problems or sitting it all out around here, please.
David Wise is scheduled to return to Reno Friday night around 7 PM.
Lets go welcome him back!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

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