Just a quick note since I would want to know. 
The grooming Dads and I left at 11 pm last night. We had 18 - 24 inches of new snow. They groomed and packed. I plowed the lot for six hours. Today there is another foot that has fallen between 11 pm and 7 am.
We will be repeating today and tonight. The storm is supposed to continue until some time Saturday, so trying to stay ahead of the snow. Lots of wind! The Mt.Rose hwy is open but without 4WHL Drive you have no business on it. It is closed at Mt.Rose.
There is no one in the office. Just too risky a drive. Just started snowing again. Not complaining!
Saturday my best guess is it will take until 10 to maybe have the road and parking lot open. Wind is going to be an issue. We will be digging out and setting up all day. A good amount of this is Ski Patrol stuff like rope lines that are in place all season. Other tasks are handles on the Pony lift, terrain park features that are buried 3 feet down. Stuff like that. By the end of the day I hope Sky Tavern will look like a ski area again.
What happens Sunday will depend on what the volunteer department heads decide on Saturday afternoon. The talk is instructor training at least.I want to get going too, but getting the hill and snow ready for skiers is a huge amount of work. All this prep of moving mountains of snow usually happens weeks before we open and behind the scenes. And these Dads are really good at it and do it because they love the place.
I will update everyone on Saturday. If you want to help set up, show up Saturday. This is not a goof off ski day, please. Bring your Aleve. You will need it but this is how it is done around here.

David Wise is scheduled to return to Reno Friday night around 7 PM.
Lets go welcome him back!

Friday, March 2, 2018

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