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Ski Swap Week and Bill's Babblings

Ski Swap Week and Bill's Babblings

  • Monday, 14th November, 2022
  • 19:44pm
November 15, 2022
Ski Swap Fundamentals
Instructor Orientation
Meet the Race Coaches
Price going up warning
Last Chair
Ski Swap Week!
Time to get the Band Back Together!
Hello all,
Bill Henderson here. This is the first of my updates for the new winter season, so a bit rusty. If you are new to Sky Tavern, my position is as the executive director which means I worry about all things nonprofit, all the programs, and am the garbage guy during the season. That way if you have an issue you know where to find me. But mostly it means my life is all about getting everyone involved and moving in the same general directions to make Sky Tavern work. All 3000 of you. To do that I really need to have a chat every so often.
I don’t write ads, have way too dry a sense of humor, and only know one person that may be more sarcastic than me. That said, you should know I will do anything for Sky Tavern and especially for the kids. My family is deeply rooted in snow but that’s a story for another time. I try to update you a little deeper than other emails, sort of like we are having coffee together. Read it, don’t read it, totally up to you. After this, my babbling will just be a link included in the general emails. Some people like Alicia's to the point emails. Others want to know every detail and maybe the backstory. What I will try to give you. I try to not make it boring since that is one thing Sky Tavern has never been, boring. There is always a lot to talk about, at times things may need a little more explaining and I do not want anyone to miss anything. Time to strap on your helmet for the season. Dropping.
Ski Swap sales and how it works. We don't really swap anything. Its a sale. Old term for a start of winter tradition.
Ski Swap is really a ski sale. We have vendors that come in and set up in what was the Spirit Store down by Sams Club. They bring everything you would need for winter from clothes, helmets, goggles, gloves, socks, skis, and boards. Some is new, unsold equipment from the last few years, some is used. All is a great deal. Come shop.
That is half of the sale. The other half is private party sales. If you or your neighbor has anything related to winter, skis, boards, coats, sleds, or what have you, and you want to sell it, this is how it works. Come down Thursday from 10 until 7 or Friday from 10 to 5 and put it in the Swap. We tag the item, log it in a book, and put it out on the floor to see if anyone bites and buys it. If sold, Sky Tavern takes 18% as our fundraiser and you get the rest. Fair warning here. If the skis are too old, we can’t sell them as anything other than art projects. Bindings have a life and once past a certain age, no one will work on them. We have people that know the answer to yes or no on if a binding passes this test. Figure about a 10-year lifespan.
Getting the Band Back Together
Ski Swap is a fundraiser for the program, but it is also how we all get back to working together. 99% of the adults making Sky Tavern happen are parents with kids in the programs. Between school and other sports, a family’s time is pretty well taken up these days. We have always seen that around the first of November is when it is Sky’s turn to get Mom and Dad’s "spare time" and come help. One reason why Ski Swap is when it is and why it is so important. It is time for everyone, new and old to come and start working together.
There is a sign-up link below to come help, but the real world is we need help Thursday during the day to tag gear, Friday all day for the same plus helping the vendors get set up. Then on Friday night and Saturday, we need help with sales. Sunday is clean-up. Show up and help. Show up and spend a few dollars. This group is not big on formalities. Don't worry about the list. We are getting going. Come hang out with all your new friends. Just get involved!
We even have food trucks and a bounce house showing up. It is not a bad way to start the ski season!
Last season's Ski Swap
Two other things happen during the week of the Ski Swap.
The first instructor orientation night.
7 PM at the Ski Swap Building on Thursday evening, November 17th.
New instructor get-together/orientation. The snowboard and the ski groups each claim half the building and start teaching you how to change kids forever. A bit hands-on, a bit noisy, and a lot of fun. The snowboarders had an indoor terrain park going on last year. Skiers need to up the ante, just saying.
If you are signed up as an instructor for the first time, please show up. If you are signed up as a support member, please consider coming by so we can convince you that instructing is much more fun than making sandwiches! If you are a returning instructor show up and do some convincing that this matters. If you haven’t signed up yet, still show up. We are really good at creating great instructors from parents that never thought of doing it before. Come listen, participate, learn, and laugh, and if not for you, no harm done. 
Instructors are the heart of Sky Tavern. Not to take anything away from other departments, we are closed without most of them or at least a total disaster, but what Sky Tavern does is teach. At some time in your past, someone shared this winter sport with you.
“Skiing is a gift given by friends and family”
Michael Berry, National Ski Areas Association former CEO.
(His wife learned to ski at Sky Tavern)
I cannot stress or plead hard enough for all parents to give instructing a try. What it does for kids lasts a lifetime. Teaching a simple hockey stop can change a kid forever. Please give it a try. Come by Thursday night.
Race Team Orientation
1 pm Saturday in the back corner of Ski Swap
If you are signed up as a racing family you should have received a separate email about a meeting. If you are still thinking about getting a kid on the race team come meet the coaches at 1 pm Saturday in the back corner of the Ski Swap. They will tell you why being a kid or teenage ski racer makes a great young adult later. It is not all about gates, sometimes it is about growing.
More later. Right now this week’s focus is Ski Swap. Tell your friends. Everyone in the Truckee Meadows needs a winter coat and mittens. Bring winter gear to sell, come down to buy. There have been some pretty interesting finds at the Swap over the years. A skiing Mickey Mouse trash can is still being passed from family to family 8 years after finding it at the Ski Swap. Some of us are easily entertained.
Just a warning. Prices will go up as soon as the snow really falls. Going to hold them at the current levels until Jim starts grooming the slopes. Your guess is as good as mine when that is so I would not wait too long to get signed up. The cost to make Sky Tavern happen is going up every day. We will talk about the bus costs soon. $6 a gal diesel fuel is hitting us HARD! I hate to be that guy to bring bad news so someone find a way to raise some more money to pay for this place, please.
If you do need some help making this happen for the kids please get hold of us. We have payment plans, scholarship plans and other creative ways to get kids on snow.
Thanks for your efforts, those in the past and those you are about to give. It is all about building a Nevada Tradition for the kids. Time to start for 2023.
Last Chair
Even if you just joined Sky Tavern recently, you should start feeling like part of a big family. A family that focuses on kids and supports each other to create an amazing program. Maybe the only one like it in the world.
Time to brag about one of our own, Nicole Klitzke. A Sky Tavern "Mom", and sometimes a Sky Tavern "widow" during the season. Her husband, Jim, is the head of our grooming department and a Ski Patrol member which means they see each other a lot less in the winter than in the summer. Nicole just won her first election as Washoe County’s Public Administrator. She has been #2 there for years. Find her in the lunchroom and she will tell you all about what that position does and how to never have to use her services. Kinda spooky.
Congratulations! Any other members elected? If so, congrats too!
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