It snowed four feet and we are 93.46% set up. Let's do something. 

The storm ended sooner than we expected at 4 am and we got the preparation work done today post haste. Thanks to all that came up today to fire this place up. All this below was decided this afternoon since we really didn't know if Sky Tavern could open until today. Its a volunteer co-op with advantages and flaws!

Schedule for Sunday March 4th 2018.

Sorry no buses running, but if kids can find a ride, come on up.
What's up. Kind of a mixture of training and skiing day.

10 am open for Kids that have not skied or boarded before. This is Level 1 instruction for kids. SkyKids in one area and big kids in the regular program, age 6+ in another. We called it dryland in the past and we are holding it at Sky Tavern this year. Basic, basic instruction. Takes about an hour and a half. The children will need to bring their equipment. They will be on the snow. Not required, just helpful.

Going on while the kids are learning to walk in circles at dryland, is a bit of orientation for support members. If you don't know what you are in for helping run this place, this is your time to find out. We can repeat the support member orientation in the afternoon if need be.

11:30 the Member parent instructors will assemble for training. These are instructors for Snowboarding, Skiers,  Jr Instructors and SkyKids. The classes will begin at Noon and expect to end about 3:00 pm. We are a teaching area so please give this a try. If you are not signed up as an instructor but willing to give it a try, fall in. This is what we do, teach. The more instructors the better the day goes. This matters.

Kids that are already skiers and riders may come this Sunday and help pack the slopes by skiing and riding. They will need to bring their parents. No dump and running parents, please. Kids need to be Level 4 and above since we are looking for kids to ride Sky Ridge chair and ski out the mountain. Skiers on the slopes help get it in shape by packing in the powder. Lifts start at 11:30. Race Team will be on the hill. No Rocco lift will be running, just Sky Ridge. Returning parents can come too to try to get their legs in shape on the slopes. There will be limited food available for purchase this Sunday. No upper level instruction unless a Trainer gets talked into it.
The program should be ready to open on March 10th and March 11th. Thank you for your patience and understanding this season. We are doing the best we can with nature has given us.
This is not the usual start to a season on so many levels, but going from no snow to usable snow in 48 hours is what we were dealt and we will just have to make it work.

Parking is going to be tight with Saturday and Sunday cars both here. Please enter the second entrance by the rental shop and follow the parking people's lead. We do not want to be the ones stopping the Mt.Rose Hwy.

Full program next weekend at Sky Tavern is the plan including buses. Winter was late is all. The high today was maybe 20 degrees.

If you can't make this stuff Sunday because of short notice no worries. We will make it all work somehow next weekend. Always do.

Thanks again,

Saturday, March 3, 2018

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