Hello Bus Parents,
The plan is to open this weekend. We have snow and are getting more. Fingers crossed.

To be honest we didn't think opening was going to happen, so the testing of all this stopped but it did work back in January. I am sure there will be some holes we need to figure out, but lets try. The idea of changing the system was based on a few things.

  • Parents having to lay out another $100 at registration was a hardship for many.
  • Lots of kids didn't go all weekends.
  • At the end of the season buses were empty but Sky Tavern was still paying for full ones.
  • Bus kids could only come up one day.
We wanted to change all that by building a pay as you go system. It might be a disaster or not. Lets try to make it work because bus costs have in the past driven Sky Tavern almost to bankruptcy. We need to make the bus system more efficient and fair for kids and Sky Tavern. 

Usually we are cutting things off at noon on Wednesday but will go to Wednesday night this week. The list of all the kids on all the buses has to be to WCSD Thursday bright and early. Their rules.
BUS STUDENTS Instructions
An admission. This system is new and going to be a work in progress.
Between Monday and Wednesday at noon go to skytavern.org and log into your account you registered the kids with. Go to Purchase products then bus transportation. It is on the left of the page. Buy the bus pass (s) you need to get the kid out of the house.

Bus Transportation Shopping Cart https://members.skytavern.org/cart.php?gid=11

When you registered, you picked a primary day and pick up spot. Lets everyone please stick to that this first week so we can figure out the system. Whoever signed up for a certain spot on a certain day has first priority. If a bus gets overbooked please call the office. Like I said work in progress. Follow the instructions add the child to the roster. The ride is $12 and non-refundable except if Sky Tavern has a no-go situation. Make certain you are logged into your account by hitting "already registered". Do not create a new account please.

Thanks again,

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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