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Going to try to beat the weather and hold instructor training 1/14-15

Going to try to beat the weather and hold instructor training 1/14-15

  • Saturday, 14th January, 2023
  • 04:26am
*All of this was written before the latest weather report came out. Since I can't find all the snowsport school powers that be, I am sending this out. The storm may change all of this. Before you head up please look at the front page of or check your email for the GO/No-Go call.
  • The kitchen is not set up yet. The soda machine is working and about it right now. Bring your own lunches, please.
January, 12,2023
Weather is a huge part of what can and may not happen this weekend at Sky Tavern Ski Area to get the Junior Ski Program started. It was 45 today. So strange.
OpenSnow says a drier pattern is starting after this next week. Kids deserve some sunshine to start this cool part of their childhood. Being on snow for the first time, trying to strap on a snowboard, in a blizzard, never works out.
We want the first day to be happy and fun.
All kids' instruction, including Dryland training for those kids brand new to the sport, has been pushed back again. The weather may be good enough for adults so we are going to get SkyKid, CSI, and member instructors trained up.
The following is scheduled at Sky Tavern Ski Area, weather permitting. Watch emails and the front page of for the last-minute call.
Saturday, January 14 & Sunday, January 15th
9 am to 2 pm
Certified Instructor training and member instructor orientation.
Saturday, January 14 & Sunday, January 15th
9 am to ?
SkyKid Parent Orientation on the snow
See below for the details
SkyKid parents.
You are the parents of those cute 4 and 5-year-olds. You are also their instructors or SkyKid helpers to make this program in a program happen. Time to get you up to speed. Kris, Jenn, Lorna, and all the other Moms and Dads that are dedicated to SkyKids would like to have you at Sky Tavern at 9 am one of the days this weekend to get you training in what happens next. You will be on snow so bring your gear. If nothing else sneak in a run or two after they finish. This will not take until 2 and please find a way to leave the kids at home. This will go a bunch faster if you can.
Certified Instructors
You know who you are. You might still have some training to do. (Some of you are not registered. Go see Lythia in the office or face the Bumble)
Member Instructors/ Jr Instructors
Sky Tavern cannot happen without you. You are here to share your love of snowsports with the next generation. First off, thanks! Since Sky Tavern would like you to teach more than "When it doubt, straighten them out" please come up at least one of the days to learn to teach as Sky teaches. Even if you did not sign up as an instructor but are willing to give it a try, show up. Badges and designations are just labels and pretty easy to change. What matters is your heart and desire to see a kid learn, succeed and smile huge!
The more instructors we have, the better experience every kid will have. Please come try. We promise it will be worth your time and effort. This matters and is the keystone of Sky Tavern. And if it is really not for you then at least your own skiing or riding will have improved for the time spent.
So what happens next? Not this weekend but hopefully on January 21/22.
In a normal weather year, the next weekend would be a busy one. In the morning each day would be Dryland training for kids that have never been on snow. Think Level zero. How to put on your skis or snowboards. Walk, fall, get up, glide, ride the Webster moving sidewalk lift, play, and mostly laugh. It only takes a couple of hours and is not required. It is just a little extra time for new skiers and snowboarders.
At the same time and during the rest of the day we get the parents and grandparents that are new Support or Member Only members comfortable with a position helping. They go through orientation at the lodge, see the inside of the lifts, learn how to park cars, feed a bunch of kids, or just find a group to help. Support Members run a ski area. There is a little bit to it and everyone has to help. Sky Tavern is a barn raising and those walls are not going up by themselves.
Past members already know where they belong and how the rubber meets the road so if we can get a few of you up to guide the newbies, great.
Just a fair warning, we also do more new instructor training and my goal is to move 35% of Support Members to instruct. I gave you the soft sell during registration but now comes the full-court press to learn to share snowsports.
Thank you all,
Please remember that Sky Tavern is a training area and that snowsport helmets are required for anyone of any age or ability while skiing or snowboard riding. No helmet, no lift access. We have a few to loan but you need your own.
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