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Sunday 1/15 Go for instructor training

Sunday 1/15 Go for instructor training

  • Sunday, 15th January, 2023
  • 13:47pm
Sunday, January 15, 2023. 5.30 am GO.
The conditions are much better than yesterday. At 5.30 AM. 22 degrees, stars are out wind at 1 mph with the last gust at 10. Jim is grooming, Tyson is finding the parking lot.
*We are go for instructor training this morning. There are 4 to 6 inches of new snow at the lodge. The road still had controls and a little bumpier than yesterday but the stuck semi is gone.
  • The kitchen is not set up yet. The soda machine is working and about it right now. Bring your own lunches, please.
Come on up and see these two and let's get instructors up to speed for kids
Today is only for adult and JR instructors to get them going. All children's instruction and programs are on hold until this weather changes for the better.
SkyKid parents please try to stop by but have someone else watching the kids.
The only kids on the snow today will be race kids.
Thank you,
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