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The Junior Ski Program Dryland Training is this weekend!

The Junior Ski Program Dryland Training is this weekend!

  • Tuesday, 17th January, 2023
  • 13:14pm
January 17th, 2023
Now that we have unburied the van we can set up the lot.
We need some help finding Rocco and Webster though...
Get a glass of something and read on, please. It is important because knowledge is what makes this
nonprofit program work.
All of this info is on the website and a whole lot more.
  • Kids and instructors bring your skis and boards. Time to get on snow
  • The biggest limiting factor is the parking lot. Please come in the second entrance by the rental shop and follow your neighbor directing you. Get here early. Park tight. Do it quickly but safely. Alicia is a parking guru. Follow her lead. She needs help, lots of help. 7 AM start time.
  • More instructors mean more fun for kids. Even if you didn't sign up as an instructor come give it a try. Sky Tavern needs more instructors!
  • Bring a snow shovel and help us find the carpet lifts.
  • Kitchen will be open with a simple menu!
The Tentative Schedule.
Everything depends on the weather. Always check the emails, Facebook, and the Announcements page. Everything happens at Sky Tavern ski area, not in Reno.
January 21-22: Repeats each day
(Level 0 beginner, have never been on snow)
This is not a requirement, just extra help and helps kiddos get into the groove faster.
For "Never Evers" if it's your first time with the program
10:00am - 12:00pm
Please bring all of your gear! All riders will need a helmet.
You will need helmets, skis or board, boots and poles.
SkyKids (age 4-5 ski) and Grommets (age 4-7 snowboard)
10am - Dryland for kiddos, beginners and new members.
New Support Member Orientation
10:00am - 2:00pm
This helps people find their positions and roles to help run a ski area for the season. Parents and support members, this meeting is for you while the kiddos are in their lesson.This is class organizing, parking lot, kitchen, lodge help, front desk, etc. *Volunteer list will be sent later this week.
Member Instructor Training:
After we finish Dryland training.
This meeting is for ALL instructors, new and old. Please meet at the lodge after dryland. More instructors means smaller class sizes. No matter what level you are we can teach you how to teach the kids. Please consider becoming an instructor. It is the root of this program.
Race Team - Pay attention to your emails
January 28-29:
Week 1 - This is when all the fun starts!
I say it every year and truly mean it. You are about to create the coolest thing ever. This is just not done like this any longer anywhere in this sport. The age of pay and play is here to stay, but the acts and efforts of building, and creating have so much more value. By the end of the season, you will believe that your making Sky Tavern go is so much more than if you bought Sky Tavern. It is going to be amazing.
The bullet points of survival vs. flourishing.
  • There is a huge amount of moving parts. It will seem like chaos just exactly like Week 1 for the previous 75 years. Everyone finds their way and place. Don't Panic to quote Douglas Adams.
  • Do not worry if the badges have not shown up in your mailbox yet. We have a way around it for opening weekend. Passes can be picked up in the lodge throughout the day. We would rather see kids in class than wait for a pass in a line at 9 AM. We can deal with this. Go to class.
  • We start lining up classes at 8:30 after we raise the flag.
  • Lifts start at 9:00.
  • Classes last for two or more hours. Make a meeting spot for your kids.
  • Buses Load at 2:30. Being late back to the bus gets around at school on Monday.
  • Lift close at 4:00. We work really hard to stick to these times.
  • The biggest limiting factor is the parking lot. Please come in the second entrance by the rental shop and follow your neighbor directing you. Get here early. Park tight. Do it quickly but safely. Alicia is a parking guru. Follow her lead. She needs help, lots of help. 7 AM start time. Coffee is free that time of day because I made it.
  • More instructors mean more fun for kids. Support members. Even if you didn't sign up as an instructor come give it a try. Sky Tavern needs more instructors!
  • Dan is the mentor of instructors and he can be found in the back room usually. A little loud, camo pants, and big whiskers. Love him. Find him. What we do is have you follow someone for the first day. It is easy. There are more support members than needed to run and fewer instructors. This is a community effort. Stretch a bit. Get kids on snow. Why we are all here! Sky teaches to teach.
  • Please no hoarding of tables in the lodge. There are timers on the tables. They are for real.
  • Smile and laugh and remember to tell me that too. This is FUN. Keep it that way.
  • Helmets on everyone skiing or riding
  • No snowplow parents out on the snow. Please let instructors do their thing. Go ski, go help SkyKids or the kitchen. Adriaan setting up the BBQ has more stories than a Greek philosopher. Meet him.
  • If you have not signed up for a job there will be a list of things to do on the whiteboard by the lunchline. It is going to expand and contract as the day goes on. Just check it out, and listen to the announcements of where we need help. Again parking is the first place we need help. Do it and call it good for the day.
  • The weatherman promised good to great. So let's do this and Go.
-No Busses this Weekend, 1/21 and 1/22-
Parents and members who have a kiddo riding the bus please stay tuned for a separate email
- Bus tickets will be on sale soon!
All About the Three Sisters
Sky Tavern has grown not only in the number of participants each winter but of programs as well. Moving into midweek race programs and other offerings has been a huge jump in what Sky Tavern produces for the Truckee Meadows. Sky Tavern is becoming more to more. It is changing and change is always tough, especially with limited resources. We are trying to fulfill every program's need as best we can.
The race department has put out that one of the "Three Sisters" trees needs to come down to make room for more training space and lanes. The only tree to come down is the northern most tree, not all three trees. This has caused quite a stir as it should, but there is a reasoning behind this. The amount of hill space verse the number of kids that want to race train is starting to become an issue. High school teams, Far West programs, UNR, and our own race programs want space and are being compressed more than before. We brought in a new race director to expand programs and participation, and that is exactly what is happening. There is also a proposal to add a bump run, for freestyle program expansion, not just slopestyle as it is now. Sky Tavern is a training facility first and foremost. Training takes resources.
Sky Tavern is landlocked within its borders, and we have lost some off-piste skiing areas. Space is simply going to have to be found from the inside out to expand everything from the learn to ski and ride programming to elite sports training. Because of you, the member’s efforts and abilities, we have grown already to the point of needing a larger ski area.
I understand people get upset at altering something that might be considered a historical landmark. If nothing else, Sky Tavern instills a sense of passion and ownership in its members. Personally, I am very much vested into the history of Nevada and Sky Tavern in particular. I own a lot more old things than new, by choice. I hate to see the old make way for the new but even the lodge will be going at some time. I will be heartbroken but understanding. It is the same for some trees around here. I understand Sky Tavern’s needs. Some things will be a victim of our own success.
Mitigation is a large part of what needs to be done. Over fifty trees are going to be planted on the Herz Trail as a wind block plus what we do with the remnants of the past can be equally important to the future members. We, the membership, need to do something special with the by-products of change and expansion. It has always been said Sky Tavern needs more art and monuments. Maybe it is time to build a clock tower or totem pole from something that has been part of the view for years. That art just may outlive the other trees.
Wondering what is happening at Sky Tavern?
The Sky Tavern calendar can always be found here!
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Visit our FAQ page here!
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