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I haven't written for a while. Snow cures all around here but it also breaks a bunch of stuff. It has been repair season at the hill and since the water went back in the creek beds a few weeks ago it is also dry out season. The mud is going away. Yeah!


It is also go ask for help season. A large effort goes into raising money from foundations to keep this place going at the lowest possible price for the families. It takes a budget of $600,000 each year to run and half comes from registration fees. The rest we get a dollar at a time or maybe a little more if groups are generous and believe in what we do. 


Right now we are asking for some pretty serious money from some very serious people to do some incredibly serious improvements around the mountain. From SkyKid domes to snow making, we put it on the table and we have not been tossed out of the room yet.


These are business people and they asked the questions who is Sky Tavern? Who are the kids there? I have always felt that we treat every kid the same, so I have never asked the where are you from or how big is your house type of questions, but now we absolutely need the answers. My apologies.


9 questions. It's all we need the answers to. Please run through this quick survey. We are not asking for names or collecting emails. We just need to be able to honestly answer the question of who. This is very important! A very nice lady in New York is waiting. There is no wrong answer. This is about getting kids on snow, all kids. One last thing. This is geared at families with kids in the program. No kids, push delete!


Very short demographic survey is here or cut and paste.



Next week I promise to sit down and catch up everyone with what is going on from the golf tournament to pass deals. Lots of moving parts right now.


Thanks for doing this,




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Friday, July 21, 2017

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