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Bus ticket and storm pics

Bus ticket and storm pics

  • Monday, 6th March, 2023
  • 11:41am

Monday, March 6, 2023


Business first. Bus tickets are rolling over from weeks ago. Bus kids that don't have one and want one, tickets are back up and live here.


Never have we closed this much since I got here back in the dark ages. We have snow, so we will just keep tagging closed days onto the end. We don't have to stop on a certain date like at some ski areas.

*We have been open on STAR WARS DAY once before. I know eyes are rolling at that idea, but it will be up to you. My line is we close when we run out of something. It is not going to be snow this season. It might be energy.


Groundhog Day. We are back to living Groundhog Day. Plow, groom, blizzard, repeat.


These weekend storms followed by blue weekdays are just not fair. Last weekend was two-plus feet with more coming this week and really making an entrance on Thursday. An atmospheric river is not the term that I wanted to hear. While I did have Ron, the retired meteorologist, help me with last weekend's call, my real go-to guy is Bryan Allegretto at Look and subscribe to his website. He speaks the truth. He says inches of liquid coming which can equal feet of powder. I never thought I would utter a sarcastic, "yippee" about more snow.


We have already started digging out on Sunday & Monday. No rest for the wicked or something like that. The carpet lifts are down 5-6 feet. I could not walk out to them since my fat butt just sank. Getting stuck up to my waist in the area usually occupied by 5-year-old SkyKids is not how I want to be remembered. Please stay off until we get some Piston Bully time on the snow. It is just too deep to walk on.


Planned for Friday the 10th, is telemark events but I am sure they would not mind if you Jr Ski members took a few runs. Stop by. if the road and Sky is open. I will confirm closer to the weekend.


We are going to be skiing on Memorial Day singing Jimmy Buffet songs at this rate.


Feet since Friday when Sky was 99% cleared.

If you look real close you can see the controls for the Webster lift. No, you can't!

*I had to have a 10-year-old explain May 4th to me. He wore a cloak and boarded with a lightsaber all day.

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