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closed Saturday March 11 Come dig us out

closed Saturday March 11 Come dig us out

  • Saturday, 11th March, 2023
  • 06:14am

Friday, March 10, 2023

CLOSED for Programing on Saturday, March 11th.


Same problem. Too much weather to get this place open. Most ski resorts in the Sierras have announced CLOSED for tomorrow, March 11. Us too.


A group of staff and many volunteers have been here all week trying to get Sky open, we were very close until this latest wave. We made it for an hour and a half of race practice on Thursday then got blown out, snowed out.


We need help. If you can come up and bring a shovel Saturday, please do. We may get a break in the weather which we desperately need. Currently, Mt.Rose Hwy is closed which may not change tomorrow. Look before you leave. Every one of our lifts is buried and we should get the snow off the roof.


If the road opens and Mt.Rose Ski opens, there will be a line of cars to the Summit Mall. You can wait it out to come help. The highway was flooded this morning so watch for that. We might try to run Sky Ridge in the afternoon but this is a work day. It is a barn raising time. Lythia and Teri will feed you. This is not a time for little kids here. The snow is still extremely unsettled and very deep. The wind has been fierce, so layer up.


We have been trying. We used 645 gallons of diesel last week managing snow. That is usually a month's worth. I have hired every shovel able lift operator to help. We are bleeding money because of these storms and equipment is tearing itself apart. I talked to Mt.Rose. Same story. No help, and their roof needs to be cleared too. Neither of us is catching up because of no breaks in the wind and snow and help is burned out. Just the real world of 2023.


No jokes, no sugar coating. We are getting our butts handed to us by a character in a Disney movie. One joke.


Bring a shovel, please. Ours are walking away.




Sorry, I wrote this very quickly after I spent the day on the roof. I am too old and knew it when I fell through a hole in the snow and got stuck until dug out. Still doing everything to get your kids on the hill.

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