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Open Sunday March 12th for goof off ski day. NO lessons or buses.

Open Sunday March 12th for goof off ski day. NO lessons or buses.

  • Saturday, 11th March, 2023
  • 18:21pm

Saturday Night 6 PM, March 11, 2023

(Another hastily written email, sorry.)


The plan is to open Sunday, March 12th for a just-come ski day. NO BUSES, NO LESSONS.Sky needs to open and you need to get your legs back under you after this silly mid-season break.


Just to make it more confusing it is Daylight Savings Time. Spring Forward!


You do believe that community barn raisings matter. I put out a cry for help and you showed up, 150 or so of you.



Digging out to this level was not going to happen with just my full and part-time gang at Sky. You stepped up and moved hundreds of thousands of pounds of wet snow and ice. The roof, the lifts, the doors, and even the fire hydrates all came back because you made it happen. There are lots of stories that came out of today. Maybe we should get body cams and a YouTube channel. Nope.


It looks like the weather is very iffy, and the road is as well but we are going to plan to spin Sky Ridge and at least one carpet lift starting at 9 am. How long we make it depends on how many show up and if the snow monster is still out there. NO LESSONS, NO BUSES. Just ski time. We will need some help in the kitchen and parking at least. This place is yours, make it go, please.


Stay on the groomed runs and stick together. It is still deep out there.






Again lots of stories from today, but the largest was that you worked together to do this. It is what Sky Tavern is. It is not one group or another, but Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and other adults that BELIEVE.


If you were one of those that responded to my plea for help, my grandkids thank you for giving them back their winter playground. I thank you because you proved again I was right about the community members. That this place matters, and that volunteers helping out is not a dead value. Thanks again.

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