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Back open March 18/19 for Jr Ski Program.

Back open March 18/19 for Jr Ski Program.

  • Friday, 17th March, 2023
  • 14:53pm

Friday afternoon. March 17, 2023


Let's get kids back on the snow this weekend!


Time to get back in the game. The plan is to open for a regular weekend, March 18/19. Buses, lessons, hotdogs, the whole Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program. Colin and I even dug out Webster and Rocco carpet lifts already.


The super popular Women's Clinics are back on Sunday at 1 pm.

Reserve your spot here or see the nice folks at the front desk.


Snowcats and other equipment are getting destroyed with all this snow, so you will hear some sniffling about that from me. If there is anything else you want to talk about, just have the Moms or Dads at the front desk radio me. I still have not put my skis on this season, so just wandering around with a shovel or garbage bag in my hand.


See you this weekend.



Webster yesterday morning and then in the afternoon. Medication was required this morning.

FYI. The BOBOS DEMO DAY scheduled for this weekend at Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe has been postponed until April 2 due to snow conditions.

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