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Sky Tavern Gear Return Instructions

Sky Tavern Gear Return Instructions

  • Thursday, 6th April, 2023
  • 14:02pm

Sky Tavern Rental Gear Return Instructions


We are getting closer to the end of the season each weekend. If you rented or borrowed ski or snowboard gear from Sky Tavern for the season you can return it during the program days or wait until we do the May pick-up routine described below.


To return it at Sky Tavern please bring it to the tune room. PLEASE REMOVE ALL STICKERS, TAPE OR HOWEVER YOU IDENTIFIED IT AS YOURS FOR THE SEASON.BUCKLE the BOOTS. Make certain that your name is crossed off the list so Lythia doesn't call you repeatedly this summer or charge your credit card for lost gear. Colin has the list in the tune room.


If you borrowed ski poles just put them in the bucket outside the tune room door. I buy all the ski poles with my wife's credit card so if they are returned, I stay out of the doghouse!


Each year we do one lap of the Truckee Meadows to get our gear back. We borrow a big box truck and each night for a week we go to a different location that is easy to find, like a school, so you can give back the gear. It makes it easy for you and gives me a chance to ask you how the season went for your family.


We will be in town to pick up gear on May 8-11. 4- 7 each day


O'Brien Middle School May 8

McQueen High School May 9

Reed High School May 10

Galena High School May 11


It is really important Sky Tavern gets all the equipment back. It takes months to check, tune, and recertify each ski, boot, or snowboard. Chasing gear down is a pain so please return it when you know the ski season is over for your family. But, if you guys are that group that just has to ski at Palisades on the 4th of July, just call the office to hang on to those skis a bit longer. No hitting rocks!






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