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  • Friday, 21st April, 2023
  • 15:11pm


One more to go after this on the 29th and 30th

Friday, April 21, 20


Freestyle Contest on Saturday 10-12 at the top of Rocco.


Competitions at every ski resort this year were canceled because of it always snowing. Tahoe League Ski Racers barely got to run gates for medals, and the same was true for the twist-and-fly kids of Freestyle. Our Freestyle group is running a contest Saturday, so hike up and see what these kids can do. Cow Bells encouraged!


From Elton


Two weeks ago our own Tayler Nelson took 1st place at the Northstar Big Air Comp. in his age group (somewhere around 7). So we’re encouraged by Tayler and other kiddos who participated in outside events this year. Unfortunately, the Boardercross event a lot of kids were going to compete in was canceled and so again, really trying to create a positive fun-filled event Saturday. 



Nevada's US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto will be doing a quick visit on Saturday as well. She is coming after we open, so my plan of wowing her with the flag-raising is out. Bummer. Please show her what we are. No one gets "it" until they see "it"! And then after she gets "it" we ask for help for "it".


Sunscreen and loads of water for everyone. The weather looks good for all weekend, maybe a little overcast, so let's make the best of the snow. It is really good in the morning. Grooming has done some great stuff out there and built a cool course for Freestyle.


It is up to the PSIA/AASI guys for classes and other events. I know I have a case of candy at home for the weekend so I guess Halloween may be back.


Last Tracks for the 2023 Season. This is something Lythia has wanted to put on for years and we just never had the closing date locked down. April 30th.


Free event but please RSVP at or the front desk

Summer is coming and it is time to get out in a different way. How about this beast from Bring A Trailer auto auctions with 10% of the proceeds going back to one of our biggest supporters, SHARE WINTER FOUNDATION? Supporting SHARE WINTER supports Sky Tavern. (Watch the 50-second video on their home page. It is what we are and very cool )


It is pro skier Cody Townsend's ride and pretty tricked out. See more at the Bring A Trailer listing here.


FYI, I am a BAT addict.


About Sky Tavern Rental Gear

 Only one more week after this. If you want to turn in your Sky Tavern rented gear, please see my kid in the tune room. If you want to hang on to it a bit longer, READ MORE HERE. Please don't turn our gear into Bobos or Bobos in us. They are our best friends, but it does make more work for everyone and you might get charged for not returning gear.

Down at the betting parlors, there should be a line on snowmelt since it has started for real. You are going to see things that have been missing since January. The SkyBridge slide in front of Ski Patrol is doing its best Olof on the beach, imitation. The parking lot is a river in places.


This is a hole opening up behind the shop from the creek back there. The last time we saw it there was a $100,000 Ram truck stuck nose first in it way back on New Year's. Another hole of water is forming in the pond and kids will be attracted to running water. How about talking to your kids about staying away from them both? If you see a kid heading that way be a parent and turn them around, please. No amount of flagging is going to stop a kid but an adult can. Let's watch out for them.


Thank you,



The good old days of this winter. LOL.

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