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Last Weekend for 23

Last Weekend for 23

  • Thursday, 27th April, 2023
  • 16:50pm


This Saturday and Sunday are the last chance for turns. Maybe that is a good thing when the parents show up like this? Related to one and in business with the other. Spooky, right?


Thursday, April 27, 2023


One last weekend. No lessons. Show up, have fun. Put on sunscreen. Wear that flowered shirt. Make plans to go camping with your new friends this summer. Help kids one last time. Eat one more of Adriaan's specials. Try to beat your buddies in the cup race in the afternoon. Get teary-eyed for the last time at raising of the flag. Buy one of the new shirts. Talk to Dan about coming back next year as an instructor. Start missing everyone already. All this in one last weekend.



The downhill cup race is carrying a cup of soda on a course that Snowsport School maps out. Don't spill it or you are out. Silly tradition but fun. David Wise is the reigning champion in the adult group He will not be here so Corban has a chance but Tyson is back this season. Could get rough at the finish.



Lifts open at 9, and close at 4. Sunday is




Free event but please RSVP at or the front desk on Saturday

Snowmaking is really going to happen. TechnoAlpine dropped off four semis full of pipe Monday that needs to go in the ground as step 1. Now that you all are very practiced with a shovel after this winter, stop by this summer. There will be more to talk about snowmaking soon but this is real after being talked bout since the late 60s. This Board raised the dollars and GM Mike spent it. This is going to be a lot of work to make Sky better for a lot of kids and worth every bead of sweat.


About Sky Tavern Rental Gear

 If you want to turn in your Sky Tavern rented gear, please see my kid in the tune room. If you want to hang on to it a bit longer, READ MORE HERE. Please don't turn our gear into Bobos or Bobos into us. They are our best friends, but it does make more work for everyone and you might get charged for not returning gear.


We will be in town to pick up gear on May 8-11.

4- 7 pm each day


O'Brien Middle School May 8

McQueen High School May 9

Reed High School May 10

Galena High School May 11


If we don't have the gear back after the 14th, you will be getting calls from a six-year-old asking why not. After that, her mother starts charging your account. Just a fair warning. Let us know if you are planning a trip to Mammoth and need to hang on to it a little longer. That is fine if you make arrangements, but I have had to retrieve our skis from pawn shops. Please make this easy on us and return it. Some other cute kid needs to use it next season and your child will outgrow it by September.

I am going to miss seeing this. The only place left where getting punched is good. Next week the year-end survey, where you get to speak your mind and I can't tell who you are, will be coming out. Plus some things you will want to know about for the coming months. Don't block me yet. I have a little more to say.


Thank you,



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