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Thanks, Season end Survey, Gear return schedule

Thanks, Season end Survey, Gear return schedule

  • Thursday, 4th May, 2023
  • 20:07pm

Sky Tavern Jr Ski Program's 75th Season


49 and a half feet of snow, the highest ever

3764 members, again, the most I remember

Tied for the highest number of months operating.

Had the most weather delays

If it had a motor, we broke it.

If it had a handle, we snapped it

But we made it. We did this together.

Kids had so much fun learning and playing outside for another year.

That is all founder Marce Herz could have hoped for in 1948.

Closing is sad, but this has been a record and a back-breaking year.



Sincerely, thank you.


It is hard to get this right. Saying thank you and goodbye is the can I kick down the path every year. So, I am going to just repeat what I said during Last Tracks and maybe get all the way through it this time.


Thank you to the staff. You moved actual mountains of snow, and worked through the night, for days on end without a break. You missed events and recitals with your kids and stressed marriages to the max. Lifts ran on time, food got purchased, passes printed, questions answered, and kids smiled huge carrying this season’s gear out to the car. You are an amazing team.


Department Heads. Too many efforts to recall. Sleepless nights worrying about fitting parking or students’ ski tests. Counting or feeding all the kids was your task, creativity your tool. We never lost kids but called for lost parents often. You recruited and trained the next generation of believers. Forever in your debt.


Instructors. You rock! You make kid’s days. You change kids’ lives. You even made it so their parents could get out there and give it a try. Now the whole family played together. You matter a bunch.


Volunteer members. Hey, the roof needed shoveling, the carpet lifts were four feet down. We had to open in 18 hours and it was all about you making Sky Tavern ready. Patrol made it safe, and someone got the BBQ going. Thank you.


Fundraisers. Thanks for the many checks you sourced in the community. Spending them on a future for the kids is important stuff from behind the scenes. Please keep it up.


My family and friends. Very simply and with all sincerity, I could never do this without you. I owe you everything. 


Mostly thank you to the kids. If not for you, none of this would happen. It is your smiles, excitement, triumphs, hugs, and joy that make getting up at 4 am not a chore. Simple things, raising the flag with Stella, Izzy, and Kamden. Hard things, seeing Nyle as Patrol brought him in with a broken leg, are the memories I hang on to. You kids, make it all worthwhile for me. Thank you again and please, don’t grow up too fast.


See you next season.





Thursday, May 4, 2023

Yes, it is snowing.

GM Mike is excited since he thinks this just might get Sky to 50ft.


The Survey


It is report card time. Post-season survey time. This matters a huge amount. Some questions help us fundraise, some create new programs, most just tell us if the train is on the right track. Ten minutes. At the most, ten minutes is all I ask. It doesn't collect names or addresses unless you want to add it and no question is required. You can speak your mind and please do!


Click for the 2023 End-of-Season STJSP Survey




Sky Tavern Rental Gear Return

If you want to hang on to it a bit longer, READ MORE HERE. Please don't turn our gear into Bobos or Bobos into us. They are our best friends, but it does make more work for everyone and you might get charged for not returning gear.


We will be in town to pick up gear on May 8-11.

4- 7 pm each day. Look for the Sky Tavern truck.


O'Brien Middle School May 8

McQueen High School May 9

Reed High School May 10

Galena High School May 11


Please remove all stickers or tape off skis and boards and buckle the ski boots up. We will have zip ties for poles.


If we don't have the gear back after the 14th, you will be getting calls from a six-year-old asking why not. After that, her mother starts charging your account. Just a fair warning. Let us know if you are planning a trip to Mammoth and need to hang on to it a little longer. That is fine if you make arrangements. Please make this easy on us and return it. Some other cute kid needs to use it next season and your child will outgrow it by September.

Not entirely. Don't unsubscribe since summer stuff is coming!


BTW. Anyone have an in with a body shop? Pond skimming broke something.

Click for the link to the announcements page

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