APRIL 3, 2018
A different year to be sure!
And the ride continues. Ten days ago was snow, wet and heavy, that made skiing a solid bet at Sky Tavern. Last week in rolled the sun, but spring skiing is always hard and fast in the morning and sticky in the afternoon.  
This week will be a toss up. Right now the call is for rain Friday and Saturday morning, followed by snow in the afternoon. Sunday might be sunny. If we do get hard rain, what that will do to the snow is not a happy sight but with snow the groomers guys will rebuild what they can. These guys are good at keeping Sky Tavern open and wait until you see what we borrowed to move snow around.
As of today still planning on opening all weekend, but this might be one of those weekends I have to be the bad guy and say no for one or both days. Just have to get closer to see. We are going to keep moving along until we run up against something that can't be overcome. Sky Tavern has been open 11 days since March 1st in a year we thought would be none. Good job everyone!
Bus tickets still need to be bought at skytavern.org.
A big thanks for making three days of skiing happen last weekend. A bunch of parents pulled this off by covering jobs that needed to be done. You made a bunch of kids happy and that is what Sky Tavern is all about. Thanks once again for proving that a bunch of Moms, Dads, Grandparents and neighbors can make all this happen on snow.
You are the reason Sky Tavern is the oldest and largest
child focused volunteer staffed
 snow sports training facility in the country.  
And yes, thank you for putting up with the silliness of my birthday. We have some strange traditions in my family when it comes to celebrations. Significant birthday pies in the face are just the tip of the iceberg and turning 60 counts as significant, at least to me. It is amazing my kids still love me for all the times they got pied, but the payback is I can still taste the 16 I got nailed with over the day.  It takes a village to get back at the old guy. Thank you everyone, including Ski Patrol. Didn't see that one coming. And Jacob, my nose is not broken. You're off the hook.

Homewood has been very good to Sky Tavern this season with several large donations. If you have never seen the views from their slopes it is worth the effort and really fun skiing.
Click and check them out. Moving on from Sky is all right as long as you keep skiing. More deals as I find them will get posted.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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