APRIL 9, 2018
Long story short. We survived. The rain did not wash away all the snow and Sky Tavern should be open this coming weekend.
In the last few years Sky Tavern has survived, too much snow, not enough snow, no snow, normal snow, a lodge fire and now a flood. This place is a bunch of fun!
We knew it was coming and knew it was not going to be good. Thursday Jim and Mike went out and groomed all the steep slopes so water would flow down them and not sink into the snow. Next it rained and rained. Any water that fell from here to the Mt.Rose summit ended up in Tamarack Creek that flows right through the base area. It overflowed and put a foot or more of water on the foot of snow we had in the flat areas. Instant slushy. Someone on Facebook said they wanted theirs with watermelon syrup.
Saturday afternoon the temperature dropped 20 plus degrees in under an hour. The wind was above 40 all day. The groomer Dads decided to build a berm to channel some of the water and cut a trench to drain more. It worked. By 11 Sunday morning the ice field swamp was gone and you could once again walk from the lodge to the lift, but not ski. It was a little bare out there.
It is going to take a fair amount of time, talent and diesel to make it happen, but there is enough snow to push and carry around that Sky should be open this weekend. The good news is that the 4, 5 and 6 hills are in great shape. And just to keep this season totally weird, it is going to snow Thursday. The skiing should be pretty good.
All the bus tickets will just carry over to this weekend. Someone will be back in the office on Wednesday to help you if you need anything. I am working outside making some changes to keep us open.
Just thought you should know where we stand with your ski area. This season has been all uphill in a downhill sport for sure!

Monday, April 9, 2018

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