Hauling Snow, a loader bucket at a time.
Sounds like a song Chris Hart will be playing on the radio.
Well the Fat Lady has not sung yet, but is warming up.
Sky Tavern April 14-15
Going to give it a final GO!

The rain washed a good deal of snow away back a week ago and the next punch was warm for a couple of days. Thankfully it turned cold and so here we are at the historical closing weekend of the ski industry, the middle of April! 
The groomer Dads have been working all night to get Sky Tavern open. Snow had to be trucked to the top of Sky Ridge and a good portion of the base area will be roped off. The Handle Tow was down to dirt and is now taken down so kids can hike up to Rocco. We are trying. It is not going to be a pretty winter wonderland, but once out on the 4 or 5 hill no one is going to notice.I bet there is 10 feet of snow out then in places.
April 14-15 is the final weekend of the 2018 Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program season. Yes we still need to teach kids a few lessons so please instructors get up here. Kids are counting on you to punch them. Maybe I should rephrase that.
If more snow shows up, maybe something like the usual party will happen next Saturday. Do not wait for that. Get up here now. We got a lot more days in this season than we thought were coming back in February. Will be trying to hold it together for this last weekend.
The Spring Pass Sale starts this weekend.
2018-19 Sky Tavern Passes at the lowest prices they will be. You can set up payment plans and lock in your place in a special program. See the front desk or skytavern.org

Friday, April 13, 2018

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