There was a slight chance we might sneak in one more day with this week's snow. The foot predicted ended up being three inches. Same old story for 2018. 75 degrees on Saturday in town, so the game is over. Break out the fishing rod for the creek on Rocco.

Thanks for getting what could have been a complete wash out done for the kids. Even after almost 20 years of this, it still amazes me to see the dedication parents have for this place and process, and to see that new Moms and Dads pick it right up and run with it. From parking to instructing, kitchen to organizers, Sky Tavern happens because of your efforts. We are the last remaining volunteer ski school of this type and size left in the country and it is because of you we still are going after 70 years. Party next year about that date, I promise.

In the end there was a total of 18 days of being open between adult training, Race Team practice, Junior Ski lessons and free ski days. Not a record either way, most or least. I'm not going to make any excuses; Mother Nature just did not like us this season. Two months of sunshine followed by three feet of snow several times. The big "ifs". If it had gotten cold after snowing and if arctic air had made it here during the big rain storm. If we had snow making, if baseball didn't start in winter. If, If, If.

We did everything possible to get open including borrowing equipment to shuttle snow from one part of the mountain to the other in a big yellow bucket. Fun job at 3 AM. The Grooming Department is the hero of 2018. Mike, Jim, Ben, Marty and Glen got us open. They burned a lot of fuel, broke some different parts on the cats ($$$$$), never slept and made something out of nothing. Kids, go hug them in the mall! I'll text you their pictures.

What's Next?
First off you can get signed up for next year at the lowest prices and set up payment plans at SkyKids already has sign ups for next season and it does sell out. Prices will be going up next season, so lock yours in now.
Sky Tavern rental gear returns April 23-26 in town
I will be at the bus stop schools next Monday -Thursday, 4- 7 PM in a borrowed semi. Should be great fun. Anyone know what that knob does?
Monday O'Brien Middle School
Tuesday McQueen High School
Wednesday Reed High School
Thursday Galena High School
Stop on by to help unload it all Friday at the lodge!
If you are going to still use it until Squaw or Rose closes, that is fine but you may have to bring it to the lodge. All gear must be back to Sky Tavern by June 1 or deposits will be forfeited.  Could be some serious money with four kids!
Do you have any pictures of this season I can share? I need to tell the story to the organizations that help keep Sky Tavern affordable by donating a large portion of our operating budget. Pictures matter. Please send to
Not done skiing or maybe time to move on to a bigger place?
Squaw Valley and Mt.Rose are still open. Go look for deals at their websites.

Once again THANK YOU! There is going to be one more request from me of you about filling out a survey next week. It is so important to fundraising to have this information and fundraising is what keeps this all affordable.
Keep watching the emails. We have concerts, bike races and camps coming up plus anything you can come up with and help make happen. Sky Tavern is a blank page. Help create something.
Talk to you soon, and order snow for 12/12/18!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

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