Sky Tavern Board of Directors Annual Meeting

Thursday, June 21st

Sky Tavern Lodge 21130 Mt Rose Hwy

6:30 Meet and Greet with refreshments

7 Pm Business meeting




Being a 501c3 nonprofit, Sky Tavern is governed by a Board of Directors. This group of highly motivated volunteers is tasked with many issues with the biggest being:

Planning. Setting the goals of the organization based on input from staff and members.

Governance. Watching over to see that the organization is achieving those goals.

Financial Management. Making certain the organization has what it needs to get the goals done.

While the Board meets often through out the year, one meeting a year must be designated as the annual meeting and includes an open invitation to the members. Absolutely there is a fair amount of company business that needs to be addressed, but it is also a chance to meet those that are setting the course of Sky Tavern.

Right now the major topic is fundraising for snow making. The plans have been drawn and the permits are being put together. Sky Tavern needs a good amount of serious donations to make this happen. Those on the Board or coming on to the Board need to be willing to work hard to see this project through.

While certainly not a required for membership event,If you have any input or can roll your sleeves up to help in a snow making/lights capital campaign, then please come meet the Board and offer your service. New Board members can be appointed at any time during the year and there are many other roles that need some enthusiasm.


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Volunteers is what make this the unique experience it is!




6:30 Come meet the Board and potential Board members at the lodge.

7 PM Business meeting

Public Input

Board Member Positions discussion and appointment

Past Minutes and Financial Report

Review of Season by GM

Review of By-Laws

Discussion of planning, future positions and other needs

Other Business


The order of items may be shuffled , added to or deleted by the Chairman.



It is all about the kids of the Truckee Meadows.

Sky Tavern needs to be around for a second run of 70 years!

FYI! There are still sets of skis and boards out there. Come on, get them back to the lodge please.


More events happening this summer at Sky Tavern. Stay Tuned


Personally I would like to thank everyone for all the efforts this past year. The word is out that El Nino is forming. That usually signs a big year for us. Fingers crossed!







Monday, June 18, 2018

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