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Discounted season passes are on sale now!

Discounted season passes are on sale now!

  • Thursday, 31st August, 2017
  • 10:25am
Sky Tavern

Join Sky Tavern at Bobo's Labor Day sale to register for the 2018 season at the best prices of the year and collect some swag! Sign up at Bobo's and maybe win a chairlift chair for your backyard.
Yep, old picture. They have all grown.

Time to get your 2018 Sky Tavern pass during the Bobos In Tents

Labor Day Sale at Bobo's

475 E. Moana Ln

September 1-4 | 

An annual kick off event, under a tent, to the ski season and this year during 100 degree weather. Charming! Sky Tavern and Mt. Rose will both be at Bobo's starting up pass sales for the coming winter. Prices go up from here, so come on down, get signed up, ask questions, see old friends and even pick up some gear at great prices under the tent from our buddies at Bobos. Do you really want to be around any more burning of anything after this summer, even a "Man"?

Sky Tavern will be there at least 10-3 each day or until heat stroke sets in. They said we couldn't bring the wading pool. Really? But we do have kid's swag.

You can also sign up online at Skier Bob, Lythia and Cheryl have been working all summer on a new registration process that we now own. Nervous is not a strong enough term this weekend for the big test!

Yes, we need help this weekend. Please just show. The busy times are Saturday and Monday. There will be stories to tell.

Prices for the whole season of snow & fun

Sky Tavern

Kids, SkyKids, Member kids, Bus Kids____________$140

Jr Instructors____$120

Adults that are going to ski or ride and be Instructors or support members__________________________$120

Adults that are NOT going to ski or ride but are there because it matters and are helping out.________________$25

Race Team pricing is coming.

Everyone at Sky Tavern need to have a membership of some type and yep all you adults help make this happen. Everyone helps for a couple of hours a day. How it works, why it works!

Going to try something different with bus fees this year in a pay as you ride program. More coming soon but that helps keep the out of pocket $ down right now.

Sky Tavern Logo

Above and below you will see the two logos for Sky Tavern and the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program. 2018 is a big year for us since it all started way back in 1948 making this our 70th anniversary. So since this is a member driven group how about some help? Can anyone turn one of these into something that screams 70 years and is cool, modern and upbeat please? Come on, there are some really talented adults and kids in this group. HELP! Rewards are few but we will figure out something. Send ideas on back to me please.


One last thing. Sky Tavern is a family of families. Kids may grow up and leave, but they are never gone . One of those is Alex Hayes, a kid and racer here forever.  He is now attending Rice University, downtown Houston. He is fine and most likely fixing problems and helping where he can or more accurately where they let him or where he doesn't get busted by university staff. I am sure he is not the only Sky Tavern family member there in harm's way. Let them all be safe. I went through a flood. It is worse than you think and issues go on for years. Floating golf balls drive me crazy.

See you this weekend,

Sky Tavern Logo
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