Lots of new sign-ups so:

Dec. 18 Tuesday Night at 7 PM

California Building in Idlewild Park

Going to teach the parents to be the best instructors in snow sports!

Ski Instructors, Snowboard Instructors, JR Instructors,CSIs ( CSIs at 6:30), new or returning, this is your night. Be an INSTRUCTOR, PLEASE!


It is easy, it is fun and you will be happy that you carried on a 70 year tradition and became a Sky Tavern instructor. Even if you did not sign up as an instructor during registration, but want to give teaching a go, please come to the California Building for Step 1 of instructing kids. The smiles are huge rewards from kids that just made their first run down the hill because of you. Changing your registration is easy. Do it!


You don't have to be an expert skier or rider with a Swiss accent to teach. We will show any level skier or rider how to instruct, plus your skiing and riding will get better. This matters. Thank you in advance. See you Tuesday night!



For you parents that are not instructing, but helping run the resort, support or member only members, we are doing a couple of things. We are attempting to build a video of orientation. Stand by. We have the California Building Jan 8 if need be for orientation but will do most of it during dryland while kids are stomping around. Also a written orientation sheet, Lythia's List, will be coming out in an email. The job sign up sheet will be part of that. Lots of info including all about jobs is coming. LOTS. Sorry.


The Schedule as of today. Subject to change mostly due to weather.


Dec. 15-16 Chili and registration at Bobos

Dec 15-16 10-3 Gear Rentals at Sky Tavern.

Dec 18 Instructors Orientation at California Building

Dec 19 Gear Rental in the afternoon

Dec 22 10-3 Gear Rental at Sky Tavern and continuing most weekdays through winter break. Please keep in mind I am usually by myself during these rental times. Patience and a sense of humor please! Remind me too!


Jan 5 or Jan 6 Dryland training for kids that have never been on snow. If weather is good it will be Jan 5 at Sky Tavern. If nasty out, Jan 6 at California Building.

Jan 12-13 All Adults on-hill orientation. This is when we really get ready and get all the adults up to task.

Jan 19-20 Opening of Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program.


All of the January dates are subject to weather.




Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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