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Dryland training for kids that have never been on skis or snowboards

The tree has been taken down, a few of the snowman figurines have been packed away and the sledders, the picnickers, the people plugging four home appliances into the outlet for the snowcats who then dump dirty diapers in the parking lot have gone home. Can we teach kids to ski and board now, please? I am tired of tourists, really tired.
The price we pay for playing outdoors. The weather is doing its thing this weekend which will maybe change our schedule.
The PLAN right now.
Saturday Jan 5, 10 AM at Sky Tavern.
Dryland training for kids that are brand new to skiing or snowboarding. All ages including SkyKids. Bring their skis or boards.
Dryland is a time for kids that have never been on snow. Think of it as Level zero. It gives those kids a base to work from on opening day. Do not cancel going to Disneyland for it or worry if you can't make it. This is extra training, a jump start for the season.
Topics: Getting in and out of gear, safety rules, how to fall, how to get up, moving uphill and basic downhill. Most importantly how to laugh through it all and get excited about the season coming up. It also lets us look and make sure a ten year old is not using Uncle Bob's skis or snowboard from 1978 and fix it. It lasts about two hours so we might be able to sneak it in before the storm hits later Saturday.
No buses run for this. You need to drive up to Sky Tavern. Enter the parking lot through the second entrance by Top of the Mountain Sports please.
While kids are being taught by the returning instructors and PSIA/AASI instructors, the new parents to the program can stay in the lodge and we will do a little orientation of how this all works and what is expected of the parents. Sky Tavern also needs more cleaning and setting up if you can help. I have been cleaning up after sledders for two weeks. Way behind.
If Saturday is cancelled due to weather, we may try to do it at the California Building 10 AM Sunday, but right now the plan is for only Saturday at Sky Tavern. Either way it will only be one day and bring the kid's gear. They will be using it on snow or on the grass. Skiing in goose poop is a right of passage in Nevada, but on snow at Sky a bigger, better one.
Watch for emailed decision between now and Saturday morning or look at
No worries if you don't have your badge yet. 500 people signing up at once overloaded the badge making ability of the printer. Badges are coming. If the kids badges are hanging off the fridge, please bring them to dryland if you are attending.
Jan 12-13 All Adults on-hill orientation. This is when we really get ready and get all the adults up to task after finding a place for them to work. Instructors, support members, everyone. This is when we all start running a ski area for the kids. Instructors will be on the snow learning to be the core of what we do at Sky Tavern.
Jan 19-20 Opening of Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program.That's the plan!
All of the January dates are subject to weather. We have almost enough snow to get going but don't stop Thinking Snow!
Lots of questions can be answered right here at
There are a lot of balls parents have to keep in the air with skiing kids and some answers of how to do that are here. Please read it all the way through, bus parent or a parent hauling the entire neighborhood to the hill.
Last week to get in on Sky Tavern at the current prices. Prices go up. on Jan 10th. Sky Tavern has snow. Get signed up. Get involved.
Sky Tavern still has rental gear available but getting close to done. Setting gear up most weekdays while the kids are out of school. Call first. There is also a few scholarship spots if you know someone that needs a little help.
Email the Moms at
The email for job positions is next week. Please watch for it. Sorry but it is long winded!

Friday, January 4, 2019

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